Sunday Jul 11, 2010

My next assignment

Hi All,

 So it's been fun working with you all, I've been asked to work on another project for my group that does not include Solaris X86 or OpenSolaris.

 Hopefully when the project is complete I will be able to blog about it.


Tuesday Jun 29, 2010

Modifying my desktop look and feel

Hi All,

So I'm trying to build my own Android package, I've already got a good Android  ISO and USB install built.

I've got the Eclipse software installed on Ubuntu 10.04 with the Android plugins.

We are trying to get JavaFX running on both the X86 and ARM versions of Android.

My other team mate in Chicago has come up with some really cool JavaFX programs.

I took a learning break yesterday and rebuilt Evolution and the Gnome Panel on B142.

I took Evolution up to 2.30.2, with the gnome panel 2.30.0, I put the menus back to the way we first had JDS and integrated Evolution back into the clock. It was a fun relaxing exercise.

Now I'm back learning Android and Java, took awhile to get the Android plugins into Eclipse, but it's done now.

Another little project I started on vacation (you have to do something when your German family is chatting away in a foreign language to me) is called throttle launcher, it has allowed me to replace the standard Windows Mobile 6.5 look and feel on my HTC phone with one that looks and feels more like Android, this is much better than actually running a real version of Android on startup, the battery is lasting much longer.


Friday Jun 25, 2010

OpenSolaris B142 and blog access

Hi All,

 Just upgraded to B142, Darren was correct the sound issues have gone away.

I've got access to the Oracle blog page,  again, something to do with a nwam location I setup called "home", I went back to automatic location and I have access again. I'll have to look into the nwam files, see what I busted.

I have a 7" Android slate that I'm testing, it was $140 USD, free shipping from China.

It has Android 1.7.2, it's pretty good when it's plugged in, it still only gets about 1 1/2 hours run time with the screen off.

I'm still learning how and what you can change within the system, luckily with my own Android 2.1 X86 version, when I break it, it does not take much time to reload onto the hard drive.

I'm installed on the D10C 10" touchscreen Intel Atom netbook, everything is working fine and the performance is amazing.


Thursday Jun 24, 2010

OpenSolaris B140+ sound issues

Hi All,

 So I built myself a local OpenSolaris repo on ZFS.

B140+ has a sound issue when you login as a regular user, something to do with logindevparm again.

 I created a file in /usr/bin called sound, chmod 777 sound.

       cd /devices/pci\\@0\\,0

       chown dclack:staff \*sound\*

I just pfexec this from gnome-session startup.

B141 looks like a very stable release, with the Gnome 2.30 desktop.

I'm also using the osstat gnome panel applet, it's really cool

Thanks Alex


Wednesday Apr 21, 2010

Off on vacation

Hi All,

  I'm off for vacation for awhile, talk at you all later.


Monday Apr 05, 2010

Lenovo S10-3t multi touch netbook

Hi All,

 So I just received the Lenovo S10-3t, I'm just working with it in Windows 7 mode so far.

 Hopefully I'll get time this week to get OpenSolaris B134 loaded at least from USB stick.


DELL E4300 and OpenSolaris B134

Hi All,

So I received my Oracle Dell E4300 laptop, the Oracle internal applications (which are awesome) work with Windows.

I did carve out a 60 Gb partition and installed OpenSolaris B134, it works great in 64 bit mode.

The Dell laptop is built really nice, I can push both Windows 7 and OpenSolaris out to a 22" Acer LCD at 1650 x 1050.


Friday Mar 26, 2010

Location for Autoscan Network 1.42 for OpenSolaris

Hi All,

Anybody that wants Autoscan Network for OpenSolaris V1.42

ftp user anonymous or ftp

get autoscan-opensolaris-1.42.tar.bz2


gtar xvfj autoscan-opensolaris-1.42.tar.bz2

cd autoscan-network-1.42


make install

/etc/init.d/autoscan-network start

pfexec autoscan-network

I'm running it on B134


Monday Mar 08, 2010

10" Multi Touch Netbook

Hi All,

 So I received the 10" Multi Touch Touchscreen netbook from China, I got it from here:

It looks really great, I've got Windows 7, OpenSolaris B133 and Ubuntu 9.10.

Everything looks like it's working, though OpenSolaris and Ubuntu do not see the Realtek WiFi card, it's OK, I've got an 802.11n Atheros Mini PCI card coming in.

I'm using easyBCD to modify the boot manager in Windows 7, I can select Windows 7, OpenSolaris or Ubuntu.

 More later.


Thursday Feb 18, 2010

Adobe flash plugin, requires SUNWmlib

So I hit this problem again, if you do not have SUNWmlib installed, the Adobe flash plugin will not work on B132

Wednesday Feb 17, 2010

Request for mapi in Evolution on B132

Hi All,

 So what I thought should be easy is not, looking at the issue of mapi support in Evolution on B132.

I need to build evolution-mapi, openchange and samba 4, that's what I know so far.

So I'll keep going on another system, not the C90S laptop my primary.

Something I can afford to have to reinstall :-)


Monday Feb 15, 2010

Building Evolution 2.29.90 on B132

Hi All,

 So I got busy working on another couple of projects and had put of trying do more than small builds on B132.

This weekend I decided to tackle Evolution 2.29.90, my first try I downloaded the trunk spec files, using the specs to hand patch the evolution-data-server and evolution source.

I hit the first problem in evolution-data-server, an undefined variable called altzone, not sure where this comes from even now, not sure why it's not in B132, found a definition in another  piece of OpenSolaris code, popped it in worked perfect.

I even tried using the pkgbuild -ba on the spec files, it always used to work. This time I hit issues with build requirements for packages that do not show up in the package repository, SUNWgtkimageview being one of them needed by Evolution.

After half a day, I had everything built, fired up Evolution, it stretched over three of my compiz screens (could never get it to stop doing this), the all day events stretched over two days.

Conclusion, put 2.28.2 back onto the system, 2.29.90 will have to wait for awhile :-)


Tuesday Feb 09, 2010

Fix for libglx issues on some system

Download this file

Copy it to  /lib/opengl/ogl_select/ directory

Restart the system

You should be able to enable compiz via desktop appearance

Medialib (SUNWmlib) and Adobe flash plugin for Firefox

Hi All,

 So I'm just playing with B132 on the Acer One 8.9".

Even though I downloaded the flash plugin from Adobe and installed it to /usr/lib/firefox/plugins it would not show up in firefox.

I found out in the end that you need to have SUNWmlib installed for the flash plugin to work.

I also tested the attachment in the , after a restart both the Acer One 8.9" and MSI wind could run compiz.

Sunday Jan 31, 2010

B131 evolution contacts fixed

Hi All,

 So under Nevada I built my own Evolution version, I included openldap and weather, which we turn off.

I'd backed up my Evolution before blowing away the hard drive and installing OpenSolaris B131.

I think my contacts problem was that they had been written out in OpenLdap format.

I had a csv version of my contacts, so I did a little brain surgery on Evolution, deleting addressbook from .evolution and .gconf/apps/evolution, then did a restart.

Evolution on the first time up after the restart creates a personal addressbook, which I imported my contacts into, then created Work and imported again.

So now my Evolution is happy happy again.



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