Thursday Sep 27, 2012

JavaOne - Java SE Embedded Booth - Pactron Java Programmable Automation Controller (JPAC)

Hi All,

So at the last JavaOne we talked about developing a Java powered Programmable Automation Controller (JPAC) with our partner Pactron in Santa Clara.

We actually demoed it running first at the Embedded Show in Germany this March.

JPAC is based on a Marvell 88F6282 Kirkwood ARM SOC, we partnered with Hilsher from just outside Frankfurt, Germany for the mini pci ProfiBus controllers, Revolution Robotics from Corvallis, Oregon wrote the Java SE Embedded for ARM to Hilscher Linux driver interface.

Revolution Robotics also designed the HTML5 application that runs on a Marvell ARM tablet to actually send and receive commands via ProfiBus to a slave device.

We will have the system running in our booth at JavaOne this year, come take a look.

If you are registered at JavaOne you can come over to the Java Embedded @ JavaOne for $100

Come see us in booth 5605

See you there


JavaOne - Java SE Embedded Booth - Freescale Technologies

Hi All,

I've been working with Freescale this year on both the Power Architecture (PPC) and ARM solutions to test Java SE Embedded we will have a special Freescale demo case I had built, in the booth at JavaOne is the Freescale i.MX28, i.MX53 and i.MX6 demos plus the P1025 Tower Power Architecture demo.

Freescale i.MX ARM

Freescale Power Architecture

This year we became a sponsor at the Freescale Technology Forum shows in San Antonio, TX, Beijing, China and Bangalore, India, FTF Japan is at the end of October in Tokyo.

It's really exciting to get to see what is being developed in the M2M and IoT space on the Freescale technologies, lots of products use the Freescale chips with Java that we don't even really know about like the original Amazon Kindle.

If you are registered at JavaOne you can come over to the Java Embedded @ JavaOne for $100

Come see us in booth 5605

See you there


Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

JavaOne - Java SE Embedded Booth - Digi - Home Health Hub (HHH)

Hi All,

 So another exciting platform we will have in the booth at JavaOne is the Digi  Home Health Hub (HHH) platform.

This is a Freescale reference design that has been built by Digi, the system is powered by a Freescale i.MX28 ARM SOC, what's really exciting me is it has every wireless protocol you could ever want on a single motherboard.

Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, configurable Sub-GHz radio, NFC plus USB, audio and LCD/touch screen option.

I've been experimenting with lots of wireless capable healthcare products in the last few months, plus some Bluetooth Pulse / Oxy meters, we have been looking at how the actual healthcare wireless protocols work.

Steve Popovich - Vice President, Digi Internationalwill be doing a talk at the Java Embedded @ JavaOne conference in the Hotel Nikko, right next door to the JavaOne show in the Hilton.

If you are registered at JavaOne you can come over to the Java Embedded @ JavaOne for $100

Come see us in booth 5605

See you there


Friday Oct 21, 2011

16 Processor ARM system

Hi All,

 Getting ready to fly down to Santa Clara for ARM Techcon next week.

 I've been working with a company in Bellevue, WA called Mobile Integration Workgroup

 We will have a 16 processor ARM system from them in our booth at Techcon. The system can be expanded to 32 or 48 processors in a shelf.

 MIW ARMBlock16

We are still testing everything it can do, Java SE Embedded for ARM is running on the Ubuntu without issues, we have BDB built and the TPC-B benchmark is running fine.

From the MIW web site:

The MIW ARMBlock16™ is the highest density ARM® based server design on the market today supporting a modular design that when combined can provide up to 48 ARM® server class nodes per 2U enclosure while leveraging existing enterprise class IPMI and SNMP based monitoring and management infrastructures to allow seamless integration the tools operators use today in their datacenters.

The ARMBlock16™ Is the entry-level product offering from MIW and hosts up to 16 Marvell AP510 server nodes while consuming less than 100W under full load. Designed from the ground up to be server class, each board has 4GB of fast 1066MHz DDR 3 ECC memory; a SATA2.0 bus supporting traditional 1.8" SSD drives as well as MIW’s newest SSD on PCB drives up to 128GB in size, all networked together by its on board 20 port 1GbE switch.

In the new age of green computing, the ARMBlock16™ sets the new standard for low power. The strengths of the ARM® architecture’s low power feature are the core of the design and each node at full power consumes as little as 1.5W of power and its 90% efficient power supply will cleanly supply the needs of the system. The entire ArmBlock16™ has been instrumented for power monitoring with statistics available for multiple power domains throughout the enclosure allowing administrator’s to know how their power resources are being consumed. MIW’s design carefully manages inrush at startup to ensure no unnecessary load on datacenter infrastructure allowing higher utilization of power circuits per rack.

The MIW ARMBlock16™ is a flexible space-saving product offering the benefits of 16 compute nodes with high-speed storage that has been optimized for cloud workloads. High density doesn’t mean high TCO. The MIW ARMBlock16™’s cable-less architecture has been designed from the bare-metal up for ease of operation and overall lower total cost of ownership. It can handle the needs of your business with ease.

So if your really interested in seeing a cool ARM system, come by our booth at Techcon next week.

Thursday Oct 13, 2011

ARM Techcon - October 25th - 27th, Santa Clara, CA

Hi All,


 So we now have a booth at ARM Techcon in Santa Clara, CA - October 25th -27th.


 Come visit with us and you can see the incredible stuff our partners are doing with Java SE Embedded for ARM and BDB.


 We will have some new demos we did not have ready for JavaOne.


 My friend Ian Ferguson the Director of Server Systems and Ecosystem for ARM has also started to blog about Java


 Looking forward to seeing you in Santa Clara



Sunday Oct 09, 2011

Solaris 11 on ARM server

Hi All,

We are working with ARM on the embedded space, servers and tablets.

ARM has a new server chip coming.

Does anyone have any of the changes we made to OpenSolaris done during the ARM project ?

You know I'm an old Solaris guy and wanted to take a run at it on the new server chip :-)



Sunday Jun 20, 2010

Strange issues with blog

Hi All,

 I'm finding I cannot get into  from firefox on B141, I'll work it out later.

Anyway I'm working on testing Java and JavaFX on ARM and X86 systems.

I've just built my first Android 2.1 for X86 that installs and runs under VB 3.2.6 beta 1 and on the D10C touchscreen netbook.

Here are some screen shots of it running under VB


Friday Nov 13, 2009

JavaFX application on the AI ARM Netbook

So it's not perfect, but I did get the Check1Two JavaFX Jukebox to run under JavaFX on the Always Innovating Touchbook.

Thursday Nov 12, 2009

Java Program on AI ARM Touchbook

Java SE 6 plugin on an ARM Netbook

Hi All,

 So I'm off trying some new Java SE 6 binaries on an ARM based netbook.

 The TouchBook comes from a company called Always Innovating, it's based on a really cool motherboard called BeagleBoard.

This is the beagleboard 3" x 3"

I have it hooked up to a 3 port USB adapter with ethernet, plus a Realtek USB b/g/n wifi adapter, I have it hooked with hdmi - dvd cable to a USB touchscreen, still working on the touchscreen driver.

I'm working with the AI linux distribution for ARM, create with bitbake from the  distro.

I did follow the instructions for actually creating the AI distro on a Core 2 Duo 1.83Ghz system loaded with Ubuntu 9.10, it's quite amazing, 8,800+ automatic steps, about 80Gb disk space.

Bitbake creates the ARM kernel, libraries, compilers, utils, Xfce, applications like Firefox, an amazing peice of work from AI.

So this arrived today the Touckbook.

It's actually in two pieces, you can un-dock the keyboard from the main display, both pieces have a battery. It has an 8.9" 1024x600 touchscreen.

Why am I doing this, well it's to test Java SE 6 and the firefox plugin.

I hope to be able to get JavaFX applications to run on the system also.

I'll probably be working on getting my favorite email/calendar software cross compiled and installed Evolution.

It's going to take awhile to get my head around Linux again, the setup to cross compile to ARM really complex.

I did test an ARM version of Android on the Beagleboard, worked pretty well.


I work for the Java Embedded Global Business Unit of Oracle within Java Industry Solutions group under Alliances and Channels . I'm focused on the Java SE Embedded and BDB for ARM and PPC across multiple verticals


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