Tuesday May 24, 2011

Fun times with Linux on ARM tablets

Hi All,

So it's been awhile, still here.

I'm working with a group of engineers to test Java SE Embedded for ARM on the latest tablets.

We have been working on the process to actually create both the Linux kernel and XFCE desktop, both of which are actually installed into the NAND on the tablet device, not just running from a CF card or SD card.

We have got the process down pretty well now.

Right now we are working on the ViewSonic gTablet a 10.2" Nvidia Tegra 2 powered device with a nice little desktop dock.

Our aim is to just get to a Linux kernel supporting all the hardware, Xorg and a Java aware browser running.

More later



Monday Feb 22, 2010

B133 image-update fails on AA1 with 1Gb memory

Hi All,

 So I tried the pkg image-update on a B132 Acer Aspire One 8.9" with 1Gb main memory, the image-update crashed with not enough virtual memory error.

I did an svcadm disable gdm, from the console terminal the image-update worked fine.


Monday Jan 25, 2010

HTC 8925 with Android 2.0.1

Hi All,

 So I just got my hands on an AT&T HTC Tilt2 8925 with Windows Mobile removed and Google Android 2.0.1.

I'm having to restart the device a lot :-)

  But what I'm able to use looks functional, I did a csv export out of my mail contacts and uploaded to my gmail account, the contacts just showed up like magic in the phone.

 Bluetooth is not working, I'll have to try and work out why.

 Having the Linux boot sequence coming up on the phone is freaky.


Wednesday Apr 22, 2009

On to other project for awhile

Hi All,

 So I just received a patch for the AA1, this allows the sdcards to come back up after a resume.

 File is here

cd /kernel/misc
mv pciehpc pciehpc.ORIG
cp pciehpc.sdcard pciehpc


Tuesday Mar 31, 2009

OpenSolaris B111 on AA1

Hi All,

So somehow I screwed up an luugrade on the AA1, I've ended up doing a clean install of B111.

Apart from having to install the DRM patch, which should hit the next build B112, everything works great.

Compiz, suspend/resume, ethernet, wifi, even the two SDcard slots are coming up without all the errors at boot.

Shutdown is really fast.

I've found that ccsm to config compiz is having pygobject errors, if you just rebuild it ccsm works fine, I opened a P1 bug on it today.

Tom has ported Autoscan Network 1.42, I'll try and get it onto the new data store tomorrow.


Saturday Mar 14, 2009

OpenSolaris B110 on Acer Aspire One new 10 inch

Hi All,

  Back from CA trip, it was very productive.

  I typing this in on the new Acer Aspire One 10 inch version.

  I have B110 installed, interesting issues with disk partitioning.

  I'll blog more about the trip and this new Acer next week in detail


Friday Feb 06, 2009

osol 0906 106a on AA1

Hi All,

So I downloaded both the iso and usb install media for 0906 106a.

Install of iso into virtualbox 2.1.2 on my SXDE B103 main laptop worked fine.

Install of ISO onto the AA1 was fine, sdcard driver is the one that is not patched for AA1, it's in B107

Even after fixing the /etc/power.conf I cannot see computer speed policy in gnome power manager.

ethernet and wifi are working fine, so is sound, could not test webcam as the pkg repository is not working yet.

suspend / resume is fine

I still like SXCE and building my own packages it's an interesting challenge.

We are very close to a clean install from DVD or USB


Thursday Feb 05, 2009

Acer Aspire One Drivers and instructions for 2008.11

1. Grab the AA1 drivers

  -  Intel Driver - here

  -  Atheros Driver - here

  -  SDcard driver - here

2. gtar xvfj the files

3. pkgadd -d SUNWatheros

4. update_drv -a -i '"pci168c,1c"' ath

5. cd atom-binaries/32

6. cp i915, agpgart and agptarget into /kernel/drv

7. cp  drm and agpmaster into /kernel/misc

8.  update_drv -a -i '"pci8086,27a6"' i915

9.  update_drv -a -i '"pci8086,27ac"'  agptarget

10. Create the xorg.conf from my other blog in /etc/xorg.conf

11. add the audio into the system update_drv -a -i '"pci8086,27d8"' audiohd

12. Remove the sdcard driver from the install it's broken, pkgrm SUNWsdcard, add the new one into system pkgadd -d . SUNWsdcard

13. turn on power management, chamge /etc/power.conf to look like this:

device-dependency-property removable-media /dev/fb
autopm            default
autoS3            default
cpu-threshold        1s
S3-support enable
cpupm  enable
# Auto-Shutdown        Idle(min)    Start/Finish(hh:mm)    Behavior
autoshutdown        30        9:00 9:00        noshutdown

14. shutdown the cde if running SXDE svcadm disable cde-login

15. start up gnome desktop if on SXDE and reboot

16. svcadm enable gdm: init 6


I work for the Java Embedded Global Business Unit of Oracle within Java Industry Solutions group under Alliances and Channels . I'm focused on the Java SE Embedded and BDB for ARM and PPC across multiple verticals


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