• January 3, 2013

How to build a private IaaS cloud platform? - Main Post

I had the chance to give talks about evaluating the requirements for, and building private IaaS cloud platforms.

Often I was explained the following situation: A corporate manager went to OpenWorld, a local Oracle Day or a Virtualization Day, and has seen everywhere that cloud platforms are the future. As a good businessman, he wants to benefit from the new wave and wants you, the system administrator/datacenter engineer/platform architecht to build an Infrastructure as a Service platform to provide virtual environments for your internal or external customers. What do you do? Allow me to point out some of the requirements and considerations. 

The cloud building blocks

 Thinking outside of the box and on quite a high-level, you are going to need: 

  • Servers
  • Virtualisation
  • Operating System
  • Shared Storage 
  • A central management tool 

All these layers are bound to fulfill some requirements to enable a successful cloud platform. Let's see at each what the functional requirements are to choose the right product for each: 

The blogpost has been broken down into a series of 5 smaller sections for readabilitly. This is the main post, linking to all the five sub-posts. 

 Part I - Servers https://blogs.oracle.com/orasysat/entry/how_to_build_a_private
 Part II - Virtualisation https://blogs.oracle.com/orasysat/entry/how_to_build_a_private2
 Part III - OS  https://blogs.oracle.com/orasysat/entry/how_to_build_a_private3
 Part IV - Shared Storage https://blogs.oracle.com/orasysat/entry/how_to_build_a_private4
 Part V - Platform Management
 Part VI - Putting it all together: The WhitePaper

Update, 03.01.2103: Link to Servers post added
Update, 09.01.2103: Link to Virtualization post added
Update, 05.02.2103: Link to Operating System post added
Update, 27.02.2103: Link to Shared Storage post added

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Joe Thursday, February 7, 2013

    Looking to build a great system for home trading stocks over the internet. Would this be, the IaasCloud system a great sustem for that. Bloomberg makes a great system and I would plug in that system. Would AT&T be able to service this system? A neophyte of course. sincerely, Joe W.

  • Joe W Friday, April 26, 2013

    What is a good system to use for a "Dish" antenna. I prefer this I think that no one can "tap intop" your system. I want to operate a "Bloomberg System" plus two or three other computers. Which Oracle device would be compatible for this opertion? Sincerely, Joe W.

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