Thursday Jan 03, 2013

How to build a private IaaS cloud platform? - Main Post

I had the chance to give talks about evaluating the requirements for, and building private IaaS cloud platforms.

Often I was explained the following situation: A corporate manager went to OpenWorld, a local Oracle Day or a Virtualization Day, and has seen everywhere that cloud platforms are the future. As a good businessman, he wants to benefit from the new wave and wants you, the system administrator/datacenter engineer/platform architecht to build an Infrastructure as a Service platform to provide virtual environments for your internal or external customers. What do you do? Allow me to point out some of the requirements and considerations.   

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Wednesday Oct 31, 2012

What's new in Solaris 11.1?

Solaris 11.1 is released, and though Solaris 11 itself has been great, there are 300+ new projects/features included in this new update.
What exactly? What's new in Solaris 11.1? Allow me to elaborate about some of the new features. 

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Thursday Oct 25, 2012

Clustering Basics and Challenges

For upcoming posts it seemed to be a good idea to dedicate some time for cluster basic concepts and theory. This post misses a lot of details that would explode the articlesize, should you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments. 

The goal here is to get some concepts straight. I can't promise to give you an overall complete definitions of cluster, cluster agent, quorum, voting, fencing, split brain condition, so the following is more of an explanation. 

Here we go.

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Register to the Solaris 11.1 and Solaris Cluster webcast!

On the 7. November there will be a live webcast about Oracle Solaris 11.1 and Oracle Solaris Cluster that you do not want to miss: the Online Launch Event: Oracle Solaris 11 - Innovations for your Data Center

This live webcast will have three sessions:

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Thursday Sep 27, 2012

New perspectives in a SPARC/virtualization/cloud session at the Oracle OpenWorld

Attending Oracle OpenWorld? You definitely should. 

If you do, come see me at the "Breakthrough in Private Cloud Management on SPARC T-Series Servers" session on Wednesday at 11:45 in Moscone South 270, the right session to get the consolidation discussion running at lunch :) 

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Thursday Aug 02, 2012

New RHEL to Solaris 11 Evaluation Guide

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Solaris 11 Evaluation guide by Glynn Foster has been revised and updated. This guide is intended for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Administrators to evaluate the outstanding features of Solaris 11.

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Monday Jul 09, 2012

10 tape technology features that make you go hmm.

A week ago an Oracle/StorageTek Tape Specialist, Christian Vanden Balck, visited Vienna, and agreed to visit customers to do techtalks and update them about the technology boom going around tape.
I had the privilege to attend some of his sessions and noted the information and features that took the customers by surprise and made them think.

Allow me to share the top 10:

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Monday Jun 18, 2012

Summary of the Solaris 11 webcast's livechat QnA session

This is a followup post to the previous summary on the "What's new with Solaris 11 since the launch" webcast. That webcast has had a chatroom for a live Questions and Answers session running. I went through the archive of those and compiled a list of some of the (IMHO) most relevant and most frequently asked questions, I'd like to share. This is the first part, covering the QnA of Session I and II of the webcast, in a followup post we can have a look of the rest of the sessions if required - let me know in the comments. Also, should you have questions, as usual, feel free to ask those there too. [Read More]

Wednesday May 16, 2012

Summary: What's new with Solaris 11 since the launch?

There was a great online forum titled: Solaris 11: What's new since the launch? last week, and it has brought quite an amount of update and information about what indeed is going on on the Solaris 11 roadmap and how Solaris interacts and extends other products.For the ones lacking the time to watch the videos, this is an attempt for a summary. [Read More]

So, what makes ZFS so cool? (Part I: high level overview)

I have the privilege to do Solaris 11 tech-updates/demos at customers. It always amazes me how much they are amazed by ZFS. Don't get me wrong, ZFS is really cool. But it isn't exactly new technology, it's been around for a while now, the first implementations in 2003, included in Solaris 10 since S10 Update 2 in 2006. Everyone has heard about it being awesome, but every now and then I get the question for detauls: So tell me, what really makes ZFS so cool? 

Let me tell you about it. 

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Wednesday Mar 14, 2012

Great Solaris 10 features paving the way to Solaris 11

It takes time to make the move on a productive platform from Solaris 10 to Solaris 11. Years, possibly. Many customers will run Solaris 10 for a long time more - here's a summary of some features that can ease their operations and were already available in S10 too. [Read More]

Friday Feb 24, 2012

Zones? Clusters? Clustering zones? Zoneclusters?

Zones, the Solaris-builtin virtualization are cleanly integratable with Solaris Cluster in different ways - this post should shed some light on the different options, and provide an example of zoneclusters. 

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Thursday Feb 16, 2012

Shall I use Zones or LDOMs?

We get the question of choosing between the virtualization technologies ldoms (OVM for SPARC) and zones a lot. In this post we intend to clarify the differences and their cooperation. [Read More]

Tuesday Jan 31, 2012

Social Network Sites, Blog recommendations for Oracle Systems

In this post we have collected a set of links and handles of the Oracle HW relevant social media sites.
Contains Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Oracle Blog links, aiming to provide you sources of information about server-, storage-, virtualization-, management-, highavailability-systems and their management. [Read More]

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Building an Infrastructure Cloud with Oracle VM for x86 + Enterprise Manager 12c

Everyone is talking about Cloud these days. Everyone is explaining how the cloud will help you to bring your service up and running very fast, secure and with little effort. You can find these kinds of presentations at almost every event around the globe. But what is really behind all this stuff? Is it really so simple? And the answer is: Yes it is! With the Oracle SW Stack it is! In this post, I will try to bring this down to earth, demonstrating how easy it could be to build a cloud infrastructure with Oracle's solution for cloud computing.[Read More]

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