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  • March 23, 2016

Now Available: Approvals for EBS 1.4.0 for iOS and Android

Vijay Shanmugam

Oracle E-Business Suite Development is pleased to announce updates for Oracle E-Business Suite smartphone apps. These updates are delivered as part of Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Release 5, which supports both Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3 and 12.2.3 and beyond.  Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Release 5 is a coordinated release of 17
Oracle E-Business Suite mobile apps, excluding Mobile Expenses and Mobile Field Service, which have their own off-cycle releases. 

For more details on these updates for each app, see specifics below and the Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Apps Release Notes available from MOS Note 1641772.1.

What's New?

Approvals for EBS smartphone app includes following new features in this release:

  1. *New approval types for these functional areas: Channel Revenue Management (claims, budgets, and offers), Human Resources (absences and learning including class
    enrollments and certification subscriptions), Inventory (move orders), Maintenance (work orders, work requests, and work permits), Order Management (RMAs, sales agreements, and quotes), and Quoting (quotes)
  2. *Ability to view attachments for approval requests
  3. *Ability to add custom workflows
  4. Enhanced Pending Approvals by Type page:
    1. Improved approval type icons (achromatic icons)
    2. Real-time pending approvals count
    3. Dynamically show only those approval types with pending approvals
  5. Improved subject card view in the Details page
  6. Enhanced refresh interaction using a Pull to Refresh gesture in place of the Sync icon
  7. Mobile Foundation:
    1. *User installation and usage metrics for administrators
    2. Updated look and feel for selected app interactions
    3. Technical updates with uptake of Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) 2.2.2

Note: The latest app version will work with earlier server-side patches. However, the latest server-side patches must be applied to enable new features and fixes that require those patches; such features are marked with an asterisk (*).

See My Oracle Support Note 1641772.1 at https://support.oracle.com

New Feature Highlights

New Approval Types, Enhanced Approval Types Page

New seeded approval types are added for core functional areas such as Human Resources, Channel Revenue Management, Order Management and Maintenance. Pending Approvals by Type page that provides easy way to filter approvals based on approval types is also enhanced to use improved icons and real-time count of pending approvals for each approval type.


Custom Approvals

Until Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Release 4.0 (Approvals for EBS 1.3.0), only seeded approval types were supported in the app. Starting Mobile Release 5.0 (Approvals for EBS 1.4.0), Customers can add their own approvals to the mobile app using a simple developer configuration.

Oracle Workflow provides a new tool called Approvals Data Services Framework that helps a developer perform following steps to include custom approvals in the mobile app starting Mobile Release 5.0.

  1. Design Approvals Content
  2. Configure Approvals Metadata
  3. Test Approvals Data Services
  4. Create Approval Type
  5. Use from Approvals for EBS App

Refer to chapter Configuring Messages for Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite in Oracle Workflow Developer Guide. Although this link points to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2, the same instructions apply for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1 with Mobile Release 5.0.

View Attachments

Ability to view attachments for an approval from the mobile app is one of the very critical features. This provides ability for the approver to review app relevant approval content before making a decision on the go. Approvals for EBS smartphone app consolidates all attachment content that were displayed on the Worklist web pages under Attachments and Related Applications regions and shows them in one single Attachments page.


Pull Down to Refresh

In Pending Approvals page, the refresh icon on the header is now removed to introduce a more intuitive "Pull Down to Refresh" gesture. This is a common gesture used in many consumer apps such as email. To use this feature, press on the Pending Approvals page, drag down and release to trigger refresh of the page.

Enhanced Subject Card

In order to improve the content in details pages, the default notification header attributes such as Sender, Sent Date, Due Date, Notification ID are moved from the body of the page to within the Subject card. The Sender, Sent Date are displayed above the Subject, similar to how it is shown in Pending Approvals page. The Due Date is shown below the Subject as number of days that the approval becomes due in.


  1. Oracle Mobile Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite Release Notes (MOS Doc ID 1642423.1)
  2. Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Foundation Release Notes (MOS Doc ID 1642431.1)
  3. Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Apps, Release 12.1 and 12.2 Documentation Index (MOS Doc ID 1641772.1)
  4. Transfer of Information (TOI) Online Training
  5. Search for Oracle EBS Mobile Apps on App Store using ‘Oracle EBS America’

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  • Ravi Reddy Tuesday, May 2, 2017
    Where can we get an unsigned application source for Oracle EBS Approvals.
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