Controlling Delegation to the Initiator of a WF Process or Notification

Overview It is generally not a good business practice to have the owner or initiator of a WF transaction to be able to approve it.  There are may common sense examples, including the case when a user submits an expense report for business expenses and then that user is able to approve it.  Such cases may not go well with the audit team.  Hence, workflow implemented a fix that prevents the approver from reassigning the approval notification to the owner of the transaction or to...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 | Worklist | Read More

Truly Understanding the Inbound Unsolicited Threshold

What is parameter INBOUND_UNSOLICITED_THRESHOLD? There may be some misconceptions and misinterpretations wrt. the Workflow mailer parameter INBOUND_UNSOLICITED_THRESHOLD. First, note that the WF documentation such as the WF Administrator's Guide or WF  Developer's Guide makes no mention of such threshold because it is not configurable from the front end.Second, the examples in the documentation are not meant to be read literally!  For instance, in the WF Administrator's...

Thursday, June 22, 2017 | Read More

Enabling WF GUEST Access: Admin Discretion Advised!

Overview Oracle Workflow guest access is a feature that has existed for a long time and is documented in the WF Administrator's Guide.  A quick run through could be obtained from MOS Note 277839.1.  Basically, WF guest access is enabled by setting the profile parameter "WF: GUEST Access to Notification" (WF_VALIDATE_NTF_ACCESS) to Enabled and assigning proper grants to the GUEST user.WF guest access enables anyone, whether an EBS user or not, even outside the business or...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | Read More

EBS Mobile Release 6.1 - Approvals REST APIs in IREP

Overview Starting from Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Foundation Release 6.1, Oracle provides APIs corresponding to portions of the Oracle E-Business Suite mobile apps' functionality. These APIs are available in the Oracle Integration Repository where you can search, view, and deploy them as REST services. You can also develop and publish additional custom APIs to Oracle Integration Repository that can be deployed as REST services. The standard REST services along with...

Friday, March 10, 2017 | Read More

Workflow Notification Mailer - Troubleshooting Outbound Processing

Overview Oracle E-Business Suite's Workflow Notification Mailer sends an email notification in a multi-step process. If an email notification is not sent, the following needs to be checked. After a workflow notification is sent, it immediately appears in the recipient's EBS Worklist UI. For each workflow notification, business event is raised to send the same notification as email. This business event, through its event group

Sunday, February 19, 2017 | Read More

Customizing seeded approvals from approvals data services manager

Introduction From Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Foundation Release 6.0 onward, administrators can customize seeded approvals metadata defined while configuring messages from Approvals Data Services Manager. Customization allows administrators to change the way the configured data displays on the Approvals app. Customization support helps in : Protecting Oracle Development seeded meta-data from being inappropriately updated by customers. Protecting custom configuration changes...

Thursday, December 22, 2016 | Read More

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