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Your Most Burning Oracle Database 19c Questions Answered

Veronik Beyst
Senior Marketing Manager

This post includes Q&A from the Oracle Database 19c, Your Oracle Home for the Next 4+ Years Webinar, with Dominic Giles and Joel Goodman.

On November 12, Master Product Manager in Oracle Database, Dominic Giles, held a free live webinar for database administrators. This webinar explored the new features in 19c and the roadmap for upcoming Oracle Database releases. The session included an Oracle Database training and certification update from Joel Goodman, Learning Solutions Architect at Oracle University.

Dominic and Joel answered these top questions received in the chat. The webinar recording can now be accessed here.

Database 19c Questions and Answers


Q: Is 19c available on the ODA platform, e.g. ODA X5?

A: This is discussed in this blog post.


Q: Will there be a 19c 'SE2' edition that is able to use the CDB/3xPDB free option?

A: Yes, SE2 Oracle Database 19c also gets 3 PDBs. It is available now.

Q: Is Automatic Indexing part of Oracle DB EE License or does it require an additional license?

A: It ships with Exadata (on premise) and the Autonomous Database.


Q: What if vendor app has hints to use specific indexes for quarter/year-end reporting? They won't be used normally but for quarterly/yearly reporting they are used.

A: Automatic indexing by default has a 366 window. The indexes won't be removed.


Q: Can we see the availability compared between SE and EE?

A: SE2 and EE are both available now.

Q: Any other study book recommendations?

A: Not currently, but I'd take a look at docs.oracle.com and the brilliant https://oracle-base.com website.

Q: Do you know when 19c will be released for Oracle Database Appliance X7-2M? In 742060.1 note, 2HCY19 doesn't have news about the release.

A: See my previous answer.


Q: What does lightweight transactions mean?

A: It can mean multiple things...small in size...or low-value data.


Q: So until 19c non-CDB is supported?

A: Non-CDBs are supported in Oracle Database 19c and below. They are not supported from Oracle Database 20c and beyond.


Q: Extended support for does not explicitly stop at the end of 2020? What's "market-driven" support?

A: This is provided by Oracle ACS and development on a case by case basis. Get more information.

Q: Do the hybrid partitions support CLOBs/Securfiles?

A: They aren't supported. See the following for restrictions.

Q: When will XE 19c be available?

A: We are working on a new release on XE.


Q: Why is Oracle 19c still not certified for EBS R12.2.x?

A: It is certified. Learn more here.

Q: What changes are there related to Oracle Certified Master training, assuming I was on 12c?

A: No changes other than for the hands-on course requirement list. Courses on later versions than those on the web page are valid for OCM HOC requirement.


Q: Does Active Data Guard: DML Redirection need a second license? Or with only one license I can set up this great feature?

A: It is included with Oracle Data Guard.


Q: Is Real Optimizer statistics only available on the Exadata platform?

A: Yes.

Q: Are "Always Free" cloud instances or the 30-day free cloud trial version 19c? Do they have multiple PDBs for my testing?

A: It's currently Oracle Database 18c. This will be upgraded to Oracle Database 19c in the near future.


Q: Is there a specific test to upgrade a 12c certification to 19c?

A: Exam 1ZO-083.

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