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Why Your IT Career Success Depends on the Most Advanced Technical Industry Certifications

Kate Farrow
Senior Marketing Manager

As an IT professional, you are looking for the best career opportunities on the market, but how can you be sure that you are at the top of the list for each such opportunity?

To answer this question fully, and to understand why tough industry certifications are critical for your career, we need to take an inside look at the IT staffing issues faced by the modern employers of choice – and at the methods they use to solve them.

The best employers on the planet do not suffer from a lack of candidates for any given IT role.

Indeed, their staffing teams are frequently overwhelmed with job applications. One of the key challenges they face is deciding which candidates to shortlist for interview – from an application list frequently containing hundreds of hopeful CVs.

How recruiters use tools to sift through your application

To help recruiters with this challenging task, their companies have deployed the latest and greatest technical staffing tools.

Modern applicant tracking systems (ATS), requisition management systems (RMS), or platforms that combine these two tools – such as Oracle Recruiting Cloud Service – are equipped with advanced automated candidate selection filters that read your CV, searching for those critical job-specific keywords that the recruiter has identified in consultation with the hiring manager.

For example, the recruiter may filter a list of applications for that Expert Software Developer role by typing in keywords.

Keywords could include ‘Java’, ‘Java Programmer’ or ‘Java Developer’, whereupon they are presented with a shortlist of applicant CVs containing those specific words – according to the frequency of the keyword’s occurrence.

The problems with filtering applications by technology type

But top IT recruiters know this is no guarantee of assessing candidates’ expertise.

For example, one candidate at the top of the shortlist may have ‘Java’ written in their CV multiple times – on their job titles, their job descriptions, in a ‘technical skills’ and a ‘desired position’ section, and perhaps also including that very basic Java course at university; however, he or she may only actually have six months’ total development experience.

Conversely, the same ‘Java’ keyword filter may completely overlook the CV of the loyal programmer who has 10+ years’ Java experience at a single blue-chip company – simply because their CV contains the word ‘Java’ only once or twice.

Development experience versus development expertise

Then again, the top IT recruiters also know the length of Java experience is no real measure of Java expertise.

After all, who would you rather employ – the candidate with 12 years of Java experience who may be doing things the wrong way, or the candidate with 6 years of Java experience, always doing things the right way?

It’s often difficult for the recruiter to determine a candidate’s expertise by looking at a CV – and companies will frequently spend extra time and money setting up their own technical tests for developer candidates during the interview phase.

Why certifications make IT recruitment easier and increase your chances of success

Industry-recognized certifications solve all the above problems, both for the recruiter, and for the career-minded job seeker.

For example, CVs mentioning Oracle Certifications immediately inform the recruiter, in measurable and impartial detail, about the technical abilities of the applicant.

This is the key reason why top IT recruiters will always first search for – and filter applications by – industry certifications, rather than simply the name of the technology and the length of time used.

Oracle Certification digital badges, on Acclaim's secure platform, offer the benefits of the latest credentialing technology - ease of use, secure verification, validation of skills.

Each badge represents in-demand skills that employers are looking for, called skill tags, and are associated to job role needed capabilities.

Are you a developer of software or of business strategy?

Industry certifications, particularly at the advanced level, do so much more than simply tell the recruiter about your technical ability.

Any job - technical or otherwise - is designed to solve a business problem. Today’s advanced certification tests measure this ability.

Examples are those developed for the coveted Oracle Certified Master, Java Enterprise Architect, which include performance-based sections; they are human-scored by expert Java programmers to evaluate if the programming route submitted is a sound solution and delivers all the required components as outlined in the scenario.

In other words, it requires you to consider the end-state, and not just the path to the end-state – of which there may be many.

The toughest IT certifications therefore demonstrate you to be not just a ‘techie’, but someone capable of solving business issues in innovative ways – which is gold dust for the world’s top IT recruiters and for the employers of choice for whom they work.

Get Oracle Certified to empower the next step in your career.

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