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Why Would I Want the Unlimited Product Learning Subscription from Oracle University?

Diana Gray
Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager

Get access to all of Oracle’s Product Training with the Unlimited Product Learning Subscription from Oracle University

Select a Skillfully Packaged Product Learning Solution that Provides Opportunities to Train Your Entire Team.

Training can facilitate the creation of new skills and support existing expertise in this ever changing IT environment. The Unlimited Product Learning Subscription is optimal for training individuals and teams with varying needs. It covers a wide range of role-based learning options in one easy to deploy digital solution. You get the convenience of having everything you need to learn Oracle products, solutions and Industry technologies. This is a huge enabler for keeping your workforce up-to-speed on a continuous basis. As more products are developed, the associated training will be added to your subscription during the lifetime of your subscription.

For Implementers, global companies with several divisions, remote workforces or data centers, this utility training service with its vast amount of offerings will provide a full breadth of content for multiple learner roles. Because of the simplicity for allowing learners to train anywhere and for the lifetime of the subscription, you will be able to track progress, determine the level of readiness and avoid the high costs of traditional training methods while preparing your employees.

Find out more about this amazing offer at education.oracle.com/upls

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Sanjay Thursday, October 26, 2017
    What is difference between Unlimited Product Learning vs Unlimited Cloud learning subscription. Does later covers all.
  • mohammad alomari Sunday, April 14, 2019
    unlimited has three types either paas or saas or iaas, so for application take saas, which i took its good that you can learn anything and apply for any certificate , but disadvantage is in HCM, i cannot understand her at all , the instructor amy kust has such a way of confusing the student , i really had some information about HCM she wiped it all , she speaks very fast , choose very difficult language specially phrases , and very confusing way to explain, im so disappointed honestly , specially setting up base compensation i repeated the course 10 times with no use :(
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