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What's Causing the Youth Unemployment Crisis?

Breanne Wilson
Oracle University SEO & Content Strategist

Written by Alexandra Georgescu, Oracle University Ecemea Marketing Manager 

The problem of youth unemployment is nothing new.

Since the economic crisis, it has been difficult for young people to enter the workforce.

Even if the economy has shown signs of recovery over the last few years, there are other factors giving students and graduates headaches: the lack of in demand skills and greater competition.

  • Since 2005, the number of employed people has remained steady or has increased in some countries. 
  • Older people are working longer, with an 11% increase for those aged 55-59, while more mothers are returning to the workforce, with a 4% increase for women aged 35-39. 
  • The result? Greater competition to obtain job for younger people, who are often disadvantaged by their lack of proven experience.

When it comes to introducing new faces into the workplace, a frequently heard complaint is that secondary and tertiary education does not offer enough experience with the skills employers are looking for and are required in the industry.

Even in developed economies, where enrollment in upper secondary schools is often near 100 percent, nearly one in five students does not acquire a minimum level of basic skills needed to be gainfully employed.

The good news is we already have an important part of the solution.

We know millions of young people are searching for jobs, and there are many sectors within the economy that are looking to hire, with focus on the IT sector.

How can the road from education to employment be paved with success?

Rapid changes in technology, in patterns of work and in employment relationships, as well as new forms of start-ups, require constant adjustment to new labor market conditions. It's crucial to address skills mismatches.

To give youth the best opportunity to transition to a great job calls for investing in education and high quality training. They need to be empowered with skills that match labor market demands.

A great deal of progress has been made in recent years toward understanding the complexities of youth employment and how to promote it.

To improve the chances for young people around the world, we need to focus on four frontier areas:

1. Digital Age Impact – the technological revolution is fundamentally changing work and relationships, but this shift is unevenly felt across the world.

2. Skills Gap – in order to fill the skills gap, opportunities for men, women and those at the lowest end of the spectrum need to improve. 

3. Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment – worldwide, youth are 1.6 times more likely than adults to display entrepreneurial activity, which needs to be bolstered.

4. Quality Jobs – quantitative unemployment measurements do not reflect quality of employment; a deeper understanding of today’s working conditions is required.

Elevate Your Skills & Career Prospects 

If you want to pursue a career in the tech industry, Oracle University can empower you to do just that.

The IT industry is going to experience very high growth centered on data analysts, software and applications developers as a result of the digital transformation in every industry.

  • Cloud Computing and Big Data analytics will constitute a significant driver of employment growth. 
  • Individuals who can process, analyze, visualize and present data will continue to be in demand. 
  • If you're passionate about databases and want to develop in demand skills, online or classroom learning programs will elevate your skills.

As an active facilitator of higher education, Oracle University provides global students with opportunities to achieve optimal career results by adding the digital learning element to classroom curriculum.

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