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  • June 5, 2018

What is Siebel Open UI Essentials Training and Why Is It Important?

Diana Gray
Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager

Written by Elspeth Payne, Principal Product Manager for Oracle University

One of our most popular courses, Siebel Open UI Essentials Ed 2, is now available as a digital online, Training On Demand (TOD) course! 

TOD training easily fits into your busy schedule and can be taken in segments.

Explore Siebel Open IU Essentials Training

This Siebel Open UI Essentials training introduces you to:

  • Open UI user interface
  • Architecture
  • Administration

You can then dive into the application programming interface (API) to control the look and behavior of the Siebel application.

Duncan Ford from Oracle Siebel Engineering is a Siebel enthusiast

In a recent conversation, he said,

“This course promises to equip attendees with a solid understanding of how Open UI works; essentially the keys to the kingdom for Siebel user interface control. While the Siebel UI has for many years been customisable, the level of control you had was limited in many ways which developers had no ability to work around. The Open UI project’s aims were to release the chains around the user interface in order to free it from the grasp of Internet Explorer and MS Windows.”

By investing in this course, you'll walk away with the ability to use the JavaScript API.

  • Develop skills to write code to address common customization requirements, including using external, third party libraries
  • Learn when and where to add code (the hooks into the framework) and methods to use for obtaining desired outcomes
  • Expert Oracle instructors demonstrate how to use the new architecture through a series of examples

Dive into these Siebel Open UI Essentials training topics:

  • Understanding Siebel Open UI architecture
  • Administering Siebel Open UI customizations
  • Customizing applets and the overall look and feel of the application using the Siebel Open UI JavaScript API
  • Making List applet and non-applet customizations
  • Using Siebel Tools in conjunction with the JS API to customize Siebel Open UI behavior
  • Making simple customizations in themes, cascading style sheets, and Open UI desktop applications
  • Calling a Siebel Business Service and adding custom user properties to object definitions
  • Debugging common coding problems
  • Using Siebel Tools to customize Siebel Open UI behavior
  • Migrating customizations

Duncan continued:

“There’s no question that Siebel is becoming a niche product and that Open UI has created a strong demand for those capable of understanding and modifying it. Demonstrating ability in this area should make it very easy to raise your value to customers and partners that continue to use what it is still considered today as the most complete CRM system available.”

“Imbued with the knowledge from this course, there should be no customization requirement that remains outside the control of the attendee, although it will take much follow up practice to fully grasp, through experience, the lessons learned. Ideally attendees should already have a good feel for the nuts and bolts of Siebel configuration, but this isn’t an absolute requirement.

More useful would be a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as this is the primary toolkit which UI developers will work with every day. Once the course is complete, attendees will have covered all the tools required to create responsive Siebel user interfaces that work on almost all browser/device combinations.”

What You Should Know Before Taking Siebel Open UI Essentials

We recommend you have a background in Siebel Tools when you take this Siebel Open UI Essentials Ed 2 course.

You’ll use Siebel Tools in conjunction with the JSAPI to customize Siebel Open UI behavior. Please note this course does not teach JavaScript, CSS or HTML.

This bundled course is a combination of Siebel Open UI Foundations and Siebel Open UI Advanced JavaScript API. Having this bundled together provides you with extra value.

Get started today!

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