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Using the SQL Developer to Browse NoSQL Datastores

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Written by Eugene Simos

With the latest early adopter release of the SQL Developer, it's possible to browse your NoSQL datastores.We will use the BigData lite virtualbox appliance, and the latest early adopter SQL Developer, to demonstrate this feature.

The receipt is very simple:

1) Download the virtualbox Big Data lite appliance from:

Follow the instructions to assemble the bits of the virtualbox into one single "ova" file. Import this file into your virtualbox installation, create the BigData lite VM and start it.

2) Download the Oracle SQL Developer 4.1 EA2 ( release from:

I used the "Other Platforms" distribution (see below image). Download the Java 8 JDK (see below image).


3) Upload the SQL developer and the jdk to the virtualbox BigData Lite VM.

4) Install the jdk8 and the SQL Developer 4.1 into their own directories (I created a stage directory into an Oracle user home directory).

5) Start the NoSQL services from the panel of the virtualbox as below:


Start your SQL Developer 4.1 EA2 instance, from your installation directory.

Then in the right tab on the NoSQL connection, right click the link NoSQL connections.


Then provide all the connectivity information to your NoSQL store. In our case, the out-of-the box NoSQL installation is using the 5000 port, so we just accept the settings.


And finally, you will see the tables that are created in your NoSQL datastore. With this connection we are able to browse – i.e read only – the data as seen in the picture below:


Enjoy the rest of your developments on NoSQL with this new feature of the SQL developer.

If you would like to find out more about using Oracle NoSQL, I suggest taking the following Oracle University course:

Using Oracle NoSQL Database (4 days).

Explore all of the available training for Big Data appliance products.

About the Author

Eugen Simos

Eugene Simos is based in France and joined Oracle through the BEA-Weblogic Acquisition, where he worked for the Professional Service, Support and Education for major accounts across the EMEA Region. He worked in the banking sector, ATT and Telco companies giving him extensive experience on production environments. Eugene currently specializes in Oracle Fusion Middleware, teaching an array of courses on Weblogic/Webcenter, Content,BPM /SOA/Identity-Security/GoldenGate/Virtualisation/Unified Comm Suite) throughout the EMEA region.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Monday, April 11, 2016

    Is it possible to connect to the NoSQL database from outside the virtual box. I am running the Big Data lite appliance on an other laptop.

  • guest Monday, April 11, 2016


    Yes its possible if your BigData lite is having its own ip ie you should be able either to assign a static or a dchp ip,pingable from your other laptop, then your NoSql databases will use the BigData lite ip, and this is the ip that you should enter to the "host" ip of the NoSql connection.

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