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The Value of Multi-Format Education in Cloud Adoption

Gretchen Bulan
Senior Marketing Manager

A recent study by The Conference Board reports that disengaged employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually.

That statistic alone speaks volumes about the potential benefits to business of a proactive, organizational approach to training and development. But, let's extend the benefit of the doubt and assume most employees don't want to be disengaged.

In reality, the situation may happen over time and be attributed to issues like a lack of company resources, a lack of vision and planning or the absence of an overall employee development strategy.

As the role of cloud technology grows in today's jobs, engagement is critical to both employers and employees working to keep up with the ever-changing cloud-based landscape. To keep pace, employers must respond to employees' need for continuous education in the cloud-based technologies they are expected to master.

Today's mobile, multi-functional employees can benefit from a modern multi-format education approach, as shown in many studies on job-related adult learning discussed below.  

Multi-Format Education Approach to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Implementing cloud-based technologies helps organizations to reach their potential and adds speed and efficiency to help them compete. In a global economy, this means the typical 9-5 job has evolved in many cases to give more options for how and where employees work.

In turn, employers need to provide the same flexible options in the way they learn.

Deloitte's Modern Learner studies reveal that multiple training formats tailored to the modern learner’s experience help employees absorb information more easily. In addition, learning through multiple delivery formats can help employees reinforce and internalize critical job knowledge.  

Take a look at some common training formats offered in formal education and their benefits for cloud users:

Training Considerations: How Do Employees Learn Best?

Various learning formats have their pros and cons, and personal preference and learning ability can dictate which formats are best for individuals and teams.

According to a Pearson VUE Certification Survey:

74% of people using self-study materials increased their confidence, making them feel more prepared and relevant in today’s competitive job-market. While this makes a strong case for web-based training, low engagement and completion rates can be a concern with e-learning.

As part of a blended learning approach, the web-based or self-study option can create rich learning experiences that don’t require travel or gathering groups together in one location. 

With a multi-format learning approach, training and development can be spread out over every stage of employment, according to a recent Forbes blog.

Formal training events can be supported by ongoing supplemental learning resources, like:

  • Instructional videos
  • Written documentation articles
  • Practice exercises
  • On demand learning resources

An ideal training approach is one where employees are granted training options in varying formats to access when and where they need them. 

Organizations who take employee development seriously understand that their approach to education must have a return on company investment while also meeting employee needs and expectations.

Enter Oracle LaunchPad - Oracle University's new free online cloud adoption learning tool, part of the Platinum-level SaaS Support Services recently announced by Oracle CEO Mark Hurd.

The new approach to support services is designed to help customers get more value from initial specific Oracle Fusion SaaS applications.

Hurd described Oracle’s new SaaS Support Services as a new standard in the SaaS industry, designed to promote customer success through technical and implementation support; a customer success portal; and free education resources, supported by Oracle University.

Kick-Start Cloud Adoption with Oracle LaunchPad

Most organizations are not providing the development opportunities that would engage their workforce, leading to higher costs in the long run. But 33% of those who have raised educational expectations have seen positive effects on effectiveness and retention.

Oracle LaunchPad is designed to be the first step in cloud education to assist in onboarding, broad team education and best practice knowledge. 

The online digital learning platform includes:

  • 2,000+ training topics
  • Easy search and navigation
  • A personal dashboard to view progress
  • Gamification features to earn badges and track achievement








Oracle University cloud training is designed to equip any size team with the cloud education they need to produce successful results in their organization.

By taking the first step with Oracle LaunchPad to accelerate cloud learning, organizations can give every employee a base level of knowledge in Oracle cloud applications to allow them to explore topics, identify areas of training need and interest, and evaluate further training requirements and opportunities.

Valued employees deserve the investment and commitment of their employers to promote learning within their teams and company culture. Access to high-quality education at all stages of employment can change disengaged workers to fully engaged employees with a comprehensive, multi-format approach to learning.

Transition Cloud Skills from Beginner to Mastery

To find free, role-specific cloud training, start learning with Oracle LaunchPad today. 

To learn about Oracle University's full program of Advanced Learning & Certification offerings, explore training via the Cloud Learning Subscription, Guided Learning Solution, or User Adoption Services.  

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