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The Most Important Language to Learn is SQL

Eva Chase
Global, Sr. Marketing Manager

SQL is One of The Most Popular Certification Credentials We Grant.   

It's a popular certification because these skills continue to be in high demand, you can make a great salary, there is only one exam to earn the credential and it's the foundation data analysts, scientists and developer need to build their careers.

SQL is used everywhere and by almost everybody who works with data.   Google 'Is SQL still in demand?' and hit enter    You will see that the demand for those who can access, analyze and manipulate databases is strong and most importantly not going anywhere.   

There's a Strong Job Market 

We've tied the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate digital badge to global real time labor markets.     Click here and then scroll down Insights and click Show More to see open positions by country, state, employer, skills and salary ranges.  You will see 14,687 open jobs in the US looking for candidates with SQL skills.  And over half of these open positions are listed with a salary range of $100,000 or more.

Position Yourself for Recognition

When you earn the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate digital badge you show you have the skills needed to undertake any database project. Skills that are needed when working with the Oracle Database server; queries, insert, update and delete SQL statements as well as some Data Definition language and Data Control Language, the optimizer, tables and indexes, data modeling and normalization.

Pass one exam to earn this socially sharable, immediately verifable and fraud-proof visual validation of how hiring you will benefit any organization.

Start investing today in your career with certification first.

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