Tuesday Jan 05, 2016

Discover New Possibilities in the Cloud with Oracle Virtualization Training

Let Oracle expert instructors teach you how to optimize your virtualization infrastructure. Learn best practices to accelerate your understanding of virtualization and cloud computing. Access the tools to get up and running on a virtualized environment or private cloud while exploring virtualization to discover new possibilities.

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Wednesday Oct 21, 2015

Oracle Linux, Virtualization and Private Cloud Appliance Cloud Foundation Training Now Available - Enroll Now!

As you transition to the Cloud, it's crucial to have the core knowledge and skills to clearly understand Oracle’s Linux and Virtualization direction.Oracle University offers training options to help you navigate through the range of Linux and Virtualization products.

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Thursday Feb 26, 2015

Spotlight On: Oracle Systems Learning Stream

Online Training to Support Your Infrastructure Professional Development

Systems Learning Stream

Oracle University has released the

New Oracle Systems Learning Stream

 Ask yourself:

  • Are you up to speed on "Software in Silicon"?
  • Are you familiar with the Virtual Compute Appliance?
  • Are you using SPARC M6-32 or FS1 software?
  • What's new with the Exadata  X5 release?
  • Do you know what the experts are saying about Linux?
  • Do you know how to build an Oracle Key Manager Cluster setup?
  • Have you heard of the new Engineer System, Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance?
  • How do you scale SAM-QFS?
  • Which systems provide optimization for the cloud?
  • What is the latest information available on ZFS Storage Appliance?
  • Would an overview of the Oracle Enterprise Manager help you?
  • Which Oracle products can increase performance in your Data Center?

Learn the answers to these questions by accessing our recently released training option: Oracle Learning Streams

The Oracle Systems Learning Stream covers multiple products, including: Engineered Systems, Servers, Storage, Operating Systems, Virtualization and more.

Plus, the content is coming straight from Oracle experts.

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Tuesday Apr 15, 2014

How Do I Identify which Virtualization Technologies I Need?

Written by Diana Gray, Principal Curriculum Product Manager, Oracle University

At Oracle, the answer to this question really depends on what your goals are.  Each virtualization technology provides key components to build a complete cloud infrastructure and help you deploy your business applications to the cloud.

So how do you identify which virtualization technologies you need?

Get Started:

  1. Identify what your most demanding needs are for creating a dynamic data center.
  2. Then review our list of courses to see how you can develop expertise in Server, Network and Desktop Virtualization technologies.

Enrolling in training courses through Oracle University will expand your understanding of these technologies. Our expert instructors not only review the course material; they also help answer questions you might have about your own environment.

Featured Training: Server Virtualization

Oracle Virtualization Certification

Passing the Oracle VM 2.0 for x86 Certified Implementation Specialist Certification exam signifies that you're a professional who is skilled in implementing solutions based on Oracle VM technologies. Studying to earn this certification will help you develop the following skills, which are highly valued in the job marketplace:

-Installing and Configuring Oracle VM Server

-Understanding the Oracle VM Agent and Oracle VM Manager

-Leveraging Oracle VM Templates

This Oracle certification exam targets the intermediate-level implementation team member. Up-to-date training and field experience are highly recommended.

For more information about the Oracle certification program, visit our newly redesigned Oracle Certification website.


Oracle University is THE trusted provider of quality, expert Oracle training & certification. All training is delivered by our Elite global team of Oracle experts and made available in multiple learning formats for anytime, anywhere training.

Delivery methods include:
- Traditional classroom,
- Live Virtual Class,
- Oracle Learning Subscriptions,
- Training On Demand.

For buying confidence all our training is backed by the unique 100% student satisfaction guarantee.

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