Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Training Solutions for Your Oracle HCM Cloud Applications

Oracle University offers extensive Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Applications training. Courses have been updated for Oracle Cloud Applications Rel 10. Business users will learn how to use  applications, while technical professionals will explore configuring, extending and administering applications using best practices.

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Tuesday Apr 21, 2015

Taleo (TEE): Fields, Forms and Files – Unraveling the Mystery

Written by Nigel Wiltshire

As a recruiter (or, in some cases, a hiring manager), you will be responsible for managing requisition and candidate files. This involves creating and maintaining those files.

This ongoing task is not extremely difficult; however, it's important to consider system administrators who have to create the files that ensure you're presented with the correct fields to complete and/or maintain. These files could be different, depending on the type of user you are or the type of requisition you're creating.

This document aims to unravel and explain which components are needed, as well as how it all links together to ensure recruiters and hiring managers can effectively do their jobs.

The Components

There are six elements that need to come together:

  • Fields – the actual fields used to hold the information about the requisition or candidate.
  • Forms – groups of related fields that help identify the type of data being maintained (Personal Info, Contact Info, Profile Details, etc.).
  • Files – these are the pages presented to the end user to help maintain relevant records; these pages are typically broken down into several sections fed by the Forms.
  • Information Blocks – a series of placeholders grouped together on the file that represent sub sections on the page. These indicate which form is being used in that sub section, as well as other properties relevant to the type of information being maintained.
  • File Setup – settings that allow you to set various scenarios that determine when specific files are used.
  • Configuration Profiles – hold the settings that specify which file setup is to be used by the users associated with the profile in order to present the correct files to the right users. These are attached to the users via their user account information.
Generally speaking, understanding how these components link together is quite simple.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

There are several ways to utilize this framework, depending on several factors:

  • Your Users
    1. Do multiple user types (e.g. recruiter, hiring manager, HRBP) get involved with the creation and maintenance of requisitions and/or candidates?
    2. Do they all need to access the same information?
  • Your Recruiting Process
    1. How complex does the process need to be?
    2. Can you get away with just one file for everyone, and for every situation?

    Possible Scenarios

    As well as considering the questions above regarding users and processes, there are several scenarios to consider – here are just three of the most common:

  • Scenario 1: This is the most simple, where every user receives the same files to create and maintain the requisitions and/or candidate records:

  • Image2

  • Scenario 2: Different users need to receive different files to create and maintain the requisitions and/or candidate records:

  • Image3

  • Scenario 3: Using different files for different types of record (e.g. professional vs executive requisitions). This can apply to both of the previous scenarios:

  • Image4

    In Conclusion

    You should now be fully armed with the important information you need to make the right decisions and create/present the right files to the right users, for the purpose of requisition and/or candidate maintenance.

    What’s Next

    If you'd like to learn more about this and other similar features, I suggest you attend the Taleo (TEE): Essentials of Recruiting Configuration training.

    Explore Oracle University's Taleo curriculum >

    About the Author

    Nigel Wiltshire

    Nigel Wiltshire has over 19 years of experience in software and training, with a specialization in the Taleo product suites. He has been involved in training all levels of staff in most industries, from government bodies to large corporations and charitable organizations. Along with the goal of thoroughly explaining the systems he is training on, Nigel also strives to bring a little bit of fun into the training environment by sprinkling in humor and commonly relateable stories from his experiences as a trainer.

    Monday Mar 16, 2015

    Taleo Enterprise Edition: Continuing Education

    Written by Jim Vonick and Kristine Kukich

    System Administrators have a continuous need to understand the new tools and functionality released within Taleo Recruiting, Taleo Onboarding (Transitions) and Taleo Performance, as well as the need to report on these activities.

    Oracle University provides many ways for your team to keep their skills current, check their knowledge and become the system advocate within your organization.

    Learn More About the Tools and Functions

    Oracle University provides over 150 instructional videos in the new Oracle HCM Cloud Learning Stream. Topics covered go beyond those covered in our traditional courses. With new videos added continuously, this subscription-based learning service is designed to help you regularly broaden and deepen your knowledge.

    Watch for some of the more complex topics, including Taleo Connect Client (TCC) and Dynamic Approval Routing (DAR). Upcoming topics include integration techniques and best practices.

    In addition, each subscription lets you request specific videos that interest you. You will also have access to a Taleo product expert to help answer your questions.

    Preview the Oracle HCM Cloud Learning Stream.

    Learn and Test Your Skills through the Taleo ACE Program

    Meet with one of our experts and test your knowledge be enrolling in the courses list below.

    Designed for business users and system administrators, these courses are packed full of items you may already know, combined with topics with which you may be less familiar. At the end of your session, test your abilities via practical examples and quiz questions to see if you're a Taleo ACE.

    • Taleo (TEE): Taleo ACE Recruiter (TAR) - helps you develop additional knowledge and skills around business user recruiting functionality. Check in using real world examples and expand your knowledge in this 3-day session.
    • Taleo (TEE): Taleo ACE System Administrator - recruiting expands your skill set to include DAR, eOffers and evaluations, in addition to exploring more details around best practices optimizing your environment. This course is 5 days of intensive activities built around real world scenarios taken from our experiences with various global clients.

    Training Courses Beyond the Fundamentals

    So you know the fundamentals and you're ready to either tackle advanced topics. Or possibly you're upgrading from legacy Onboarding to Onboarding (Transitions). Here are a few courses to consider.

    See all available Taleo Enterprise Edition Training Courses.

    Thursday Dec 18, 2014

    Oracle HCM Cloud Applications - A New Continuous Learning Solution

    Free Instructional Videos

    Explore the following free instructional videos covering Oracle HCM Cloud applications.

    These videos are part of the new Oracle HCM Cloud Learning Stream.

    What is the Oracle HCM Cloud Learning Stream?

    The Oracle HCM Cloud Learning Stream is a new subscription-based learning service designed to help you regularly broaden and deepen your knowledge of your Oracle HCM Cloud applications, including Global HR, Talent Management and Workforce Management.

    As your business needs change and your Oracle applications evolve, your team will benefit from instant access to critical knowledge that helps you to stay up-to-date.  Oracle Learning Streams are available for individual users or teams.

    Each subscription provides one year of unlimited access to:

    • Hundreds of instructional videos delivered by Oracle subject matter experts.  This is an ever growing collection with new and refreshed video titles continuously added.  
    • Topics covered:
      • Best practices
      • How-to's
      • User transactions
      • Tips and tricks
      • Product overviews
      • Product enhancements
      • Advanced topics
    • Live monthly webinars on hot topics
    • Opportunities to connect live with instructors online in 'Meet the Expert' sessions or over email; get answers to your questions
    • Key features and functionality to enhance your learning experience:
      • Robust video search capabilities
      • Ability to request new videos on topics of interest
      • Ability to build your own learning queue

    Who Will Benefit?

    The Oracle HCM Cloud Learning Stream is ideal for HR professionals and technical team members of all experience levels.  HR professionals will appreciate the user transaction videos. 

    For technical professionals, access implementation, configuration, administration, integration and security videos.

    Sample Titles

    You can preview two minutes from any title in the Oracle HCM Cloud Learning Stream

    Here are some titles to give you a flavor:

    Find Out More

    - Check out the Oracle HCM Cloud Learning Stream

    - Find out how to subscribe to an Oracle Learning Stream by visiting:

    Friday Jan 17, 2014

    Taleo Enterprise Edition: Training for System Administrators

    By Jim Vonick, Senior Product Manager, Oracle University

    System administrators for Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service hold a myriad of responsibilities to ensure your organization gets the most out of these services to recruit and leverage top talent. 

    Oracle University offers a well defined progression of courses to help you leverage this solution. The knowledge gained from these hands-on courses helps system administrators acquire the knowledge and skills to configure and administer your cloud-based talent management platform.

    The following guide presents the set of courses in the order recommended for new administrators. It will help you identify the right training that fits your needs. 

    Getting Started

    • Taleo (TEE):  Getting Started With the Recruiting Centerthis course is for system administrators and end users who want to learn about the Recruiting Center. You'll learn how to perform the essential recruiting tasks, which include creating and managing requisitions, searching for candidates, moving candidates through the selection process, extending offers and hiring candidates. No prerequisites necessary.

    • Taleo (TEE):  Introduction to Configurationsystem administrators will learn how to create users and groups, apply security settings, set user password options and navigate configuration menus. No prerequisites necessary.

    Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service

    • Taleo (TEE):  Essentials of Recruiting Configuration: this course is designed for system administrators who are new to Taleo Recruiting Configuration. Learn about the wide range of configurations that can be made in the system. Prerequisites: Taleo (TEE): Introduction to Configuration            

    • Taleo (TEE):  Advanced Recruiting Configuration: this course is designed for system administrators who are ready to learn about advanced features of the Recruiting Center. These features include how to configure skills assessments, how to configure the advanced search default form, how to create automated tasks and how to manage the offer process. Prerequisites: Taleo (TEE): Essentials of Recruiting Configuration; Taleo (TEE): Introduction to Configuration     

    Oracle Taleo Performance Management Cloud Service

    • Taleo (TEE): Performance System Administration: learn how to configure Taleo Performance modules, including how to set up and use goals management, performance reviews, succession planning and development and career planning. Prerequisites: Taleo (TEE): Getting Started with the Recruiting Center; Taleo (TEE): Introduction to Configuration  

    Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service

    Taleo ACE Program

    The Taleo ACE Program is designed to expand and validate your expertise. Complete required training and pass an assessment that measures your comprehension. Learn more about these programs by exploring the links below. 

    Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

    November 2013 Oracle University Round-Up: New Courses & Certifications

    What's new this month at Oracle University? Here are some highlights.

    New Training and Certification for Oracle Applications

    PeopleSoft 9.2 Training

    JD Edwards 9.1 Training

    RightNow Training

    We now offer this course in our Training On Demand format.

    Primavera Unifier Training

    Taleo Training

    Training has been updated for the latest release of Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE). 

    New Training and Certification for Oracle Industry Solutions

    Oracle Utilities Training

    Oracle Retail Training

    New - Oracle Big Data Appliance Courses

    The Oracle Linux 5 and 6 System Administration exam (1Z1-100) is now in beta testing, giving you the opportunity to take the exam at a discounted rate of only $50 USD. Take the exam at one of Pearson VUE's many testing centers worldwide.

    Oracle Database 12c Courses – Learn What’s New

    Validate your expertise and add value by earning an Oracle Database 12c Certification

    New Oracle 12c Courses:  ODI, WebLogic Server, and Coherence

    Check out the Oracle University website to learn more. See you in class!

    -Oracle University Marketing Team

    Thursday Oct 24, 2013

    October 2013 Oracle University Round-Up: New Training & Certifications

    Here are the highlights of what is happening this month at Oracle University. 

    New Technology Overview Courses: Cloud, Big Data and Security

    Learn about the latest technology solutions that can transform your business. These three Training On Demand courses are taught by industry experts. These courses help you develop an understanding of how Oracle technologies can make a positive impact on your organization. 

    New Cloud Application Foundation Courses

    Check out our brand new 12c courses for WebLogic Server administrators and Coherence developers: 

    Oracle Database 12c Courses

    Our Oracle Database 12c training is becoming very popular. Here are this month's featured courses: 

    Validate your expertise and add value by earning an Oracle Database 12c Certification

    New Certifications for MySQL

    Watch our two new videos to find out what's new with Oracle MySQL Certifications.

    1) Oracle MySQL 5.6 Certification: What's New for Database Administrators 

    Recommended training: 

    Recommended training: 

    New Training & Certification for Oracle Applications

    JD Edwards 9.1 Training

    Additional JD Edwards Enterprise One 9.1 training is now available for administrators, developers and implementation team members.

    Cross Application Training 

    Human Capital Management Training 

    Financial  Management Training 

    Knowledge Management 8.5 Training

    Oracle Knowledge 8.5 training is now available for analysts interested in learning how to quickly spot trends in content processing and system usage with analytics dashboards.

    Taleo Training

    Updated Taleo training is now available. Taleo Business Edition (TEE) business users can learn how to create more efficient reports. Recruiters will learn how to efficiently and effectively use Taleo Business Edition (TBE) Recruit. 

    New Training for Oracle Retail 13.4.1

    Updated training for Retail Predictive Application Server and Retail Demand Forecasting is now available. 

    View all available training courses, learning paths and certifications at, or contact your local education representative to learn more about Oracle University's education solutions. See you in class! 

    -Oracle University Marketing Team 

    Friday Sep 06, 2013

    Maximize Your Taleo Cloud Application Investment through Training

    Your objective is to get the most out of your Oracle Taleo Cloud application investment, right?

    This happens when your employees use and optimize the application on the job on a daily basis and requires that learning go beyond the initial training event. It continues past project “go-live,” and is iterative and continuous.

    Oracle University Taleo Training

    Oracle University understands your need to leverage your Oracle Taleo Cloud investment. Depending on your training requirements, we design Taleo training solutions so you’re consistently expanding your knowledge and skills. There is ample opportunity to try, practice, use, explore and gain business productivity from the Taleo application.

    Experiencing these benefits begins with ensuring your teams have the right-sized training solutions they need to complete business tasks quickly and efficiently.

    Requirement: How do I deliver Taleo training across the globe to thousands of recruiters and hiring managers, in different time zones, in different languages?

    1) Train-the-Trainer Program

    Train your local staff to deliver the training. Our education consultants provide expert coaching and guidance to teach you the most effective way to deliver Taleo training. This training is supplemented with our own professional training materials for both instructors and students.


    • Gain greater control over your own training rollout and schedule.
    • The upfront investment pays for itself after the first 20 students are trained.

    2) Courseware and Tool Kits

    We make our professional training materials available to you to support your Taleo application training events. Each Tool Kit provides core participant materials in an editable, soft copy format. This format let you tailor the content to your needs and includes a Student Session Guide with hands-on exercises, job aids and more.


    • Courseware includes a Leader’s Presentation Guide with instructor notes to facilitate the training, a training agenda and more. No need to start from scratch; leverage pre-built into courseware and templates.
    • Our education consultant can customize the standard course materials, according to your configured application, accelerating your training rollout.

    3) Custom Elearning

    Deploy highly-interactive elearning by role, custom-tailored to your business processes. Elearning is available in See It, Try It and other modes to reinforce learning.


    • Users can access training 24 x 7.
    • Training can be deployed at workstations, kiosks and/or on mobile devices.

    Interested? Call your local Education Sales Rep or Education Sales Consultant to discuss training solutions that fit your needs.

    -Lynn Viduya, Oracle University Practice Director

    Friday Apr 12, 2013

    April 2013 Oracle University Round-Up: New Training & Certifications

    April brings new and updated training for Java EE on WebLogic 12c, Taleo EE, Business Intelligence and Exalytics, plus a new Oracle Database SQL Tuning Certification.  

    Additionally, Oracle University was just recognized as a leader according to the latest IDC Marketscape for IT Education and Training. Some observations from the report include:

    •    “With an ever-expanding portfolio of tools and applications, Oracle University is strongly oriented toward the individual learner.”

    •    “Oracle has been part of the early wave of vendors that have adopted a full range of training technologies — including simulations, labs and employee performance support tools. This variety is well leveraged through Oracle's training portfolio to provide both relevant training experiences and a varied instructional experience.”

    •    “Oracle University's curricula is developed by the product groups. This decentralized control helps maximize the relevance of the training offering to the elements that are most useful to end users.”

    And now for this month’s round-up:

    Featured Training and Certification for Database & Systems

    Oracle Linux brings critical time and cost savings to the Oracle DBA with its advanced feature-set.  Learn how you can optimize Oracle Linux for your enterprise workloads with our popular training courses.  DBAs can also now pursue our new SQL Tuning Certification.

    Training Courses:

    •    UNIX and Linux Essentials
    •    Oracle Linux System Administration


    •    Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 11g Release 2 SQL Tuning (OCE) certification.

    Although training is not required for this certification, Oracle University offers several courses that will teach you the concepts you need to know  to help you pass this certification exam:

    •    Oracle Database 11g : SQL Tuning Workshop
    •    Oracle SQL Tuning for Developers Workshop
    •    Oracle Database 11g: Administer a Data Warehouse
    •    Parallel Processing in Oracle Database 11g
    •    Oracle SQL Tuning for Developers Workshop

    For more information about some of the upcoming Oracle9i Database exam retirements, take a few minutes to read our Oracle Certification blog.

    Featured Training for Java & Fusion Middleware

    Many of our top courses have recently been updated. This update includes four Java EE 6 Development courses. WebLogic 12c, our top Oracle BI course, has been updated to run on Oracle Exalytics. We're also offering a new Oracle Exalytics Administration Seminar.

    Training Courses:

    •    Developing  Applications with Java EE 6 on WebLogicServer 12c
    •    Java EE 6: Develop Database Applications with JPA
    •    Java EE 6: Develop Web Components with Servlets & JSPs
    •    Java EE 6: Develop Business Components with JMS & EJBs
    •    Oracle Exalytics: Administration Seminar
    •    Oracle BI 11g R1: Create Analyses and Dashboards Starting April 15th - scheduled to run on Oracle Exalytics

    Featured Training for Oracle Applications

    Our Taleo Enterprise Edition courses have been updated to incorporate the latest enhancements for Taleo EE version 12c. Learn how to meet the talent management needs of your enterprise with global consistency and local flexibility.

    Training Courses:

    •    Taleo (TEE): Introduction to Configuration
    •    Taleo (TEE): Performance System Administration
    •    Taleo (TEE): Onboarding Administration
    •    Taleo: Learn Prepare and Distribute Content
    •    Taleo: Learn System and User Configuration

    Looking for training or certification on another topic? Let us know what you're interested in hearing about by leaving a comment below.

    -Kate, Oracle University Market Development Manager


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