Monday Apr 11, 2016

Tackling the Digital Skills Shortage

As the digital tech economy expands, a new report from Tech Nation indicates that companies from all sectors are struggling to compete for talent. Global labor markets are showing technical skills shortages across the board. Oracle University recognizes these business and IT trends and responds appropriately to emerging business requirements.

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Wednesday Feb 10, 2016

Top 10 IT Skills in 2016

To increase your chances of being promoted or hired into a new role, invest time in developing in demand skills. Find out exactly what executives will be looking for in 2016.

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Monday Jan 26, 2015

IT Skills in Demand for 2015; Salaries Rise

A recent review of industry articles about in demand skills and salaries for IT professionals revealed some refreshing news!

Show Me the Money

IT salaries are on the rise. The staffing firm Robert Half recently completed a survey showing an anticipated 5.7% overall increase in the average starting salary for newly hired IT workers, versus a 3.8% average increase for other workers.

As salaries increase, so does the number of available IT jobs. CareerBuilder reports that 54 percent of companies surveyed expect to hire new IT employees, specifically those who are versant with cloud, mobile technology, security and big data.

Other publications are enthusiastic about opportunities in IT.

InfoWorld published an article claiming that "IT job growth is expected to outpace the overall economy, and those with the right skills stand to benefit handsomely."

The article pays special attention to the growth in demand for Java skills, and notes that a recent search on the job site Dice revealed 443 Java-related jobs in the San Francisco area alone!

InfoWorld's list of hot IT jobs for the year includes Java programmers, security experts, enterprise architects and data architects.

Top 10 IT Skills for 2015

If you're going for a promotion or a new job this year, you might as well brush up on the skills in highest demand.

Computerworld published a list of the 10 hottest IT skills for 2015, and the leader in IT certification learning solutions - Pearson IT Certification - also published a similar list.

Here's what 194 IT executives said they are looking for in 2015:

1. Programming/app development: 48% plan to fill slots in this area in 2015. The highest demand will be for programmers versed in the Java programming language.

2. Project management: 35% plan to hire project managers in the coming year who can work with solutions, such as Oracle Agile, that help them successfully manage projects.

3. Help desk/technical support: 30% of respondents will be looking to fill help desk or tech support positions to keep systems and applications running smoothly in 2015.

4. Security/compliance governance: 28% of IT execs plan to hire staff who able to keep data and systems safe - and to reduce vulnerabilities - in an increasingly complex world.

5. Web development: 28% want to hire web development professionals to support the growth in e-commerce and the ongoing need for businesses of all sizes to have a web presence.

6. Database administration: 26% of respondents hope to add more database professionals; those who are certified in Oracle Database or MySQL will have an edge.

7. Business intelligence/analytics: 24% are aiming to hire specialists in business intelligence and/or analytics for 2015. In a separate survey by Talent International, over 95% of respondents said that business intelligence is gaining importance.

8. Mobile apps/device management: 24% of the responding IT execs plan to hire specialists in this category and report having difficulty finding enough people with these skills.

9. Networking: 22% hope to hire additional networking professionals this year, especially those who can work on wireless networks.

10. Big data: 20% of execs, in a wide range of industries, will be filling positions in this category.

What's Your Training Plan?

Whether you're hoping to progress in your current position or move into a new one, we think that 2015 is a great year to be an IT professional.

Maybe it's time to explore Oracle University's training courses in high-growth areas including Java , Oracle Database,Business Intelligence and more.

Let us know if you agree that this year is a fine time to be in IT. We'd love to hear from you!

Friday Oct 31, 2014

Needed! IT Security Skills

The need to safeguard data has become a hot topic lately.

Recent security breaches have companies taking extra steps to ensure their critical data is secure.

This has led to an increased demand for IT security experts.

According to a recent article on

“Demand for the skills necessary to secure networks and data continues to drive opportunities for security specialists. During April, job postings for security-related positions rose 20 percent year-on-year, according to business intelligence from Wanted Analytics.”

According to another study by Frost and Sullivan, “Demand for security professionals in the Americas is increasing by 12% annually, with 164,000 jobs forecast in the next year alone.” Source

Companies are  seeking security talent from the outside to address the talent gap; however, one alternative that's often overlooked is providing existing personnel with security-related training for product areas they already manage.

Training existing staff accelerates your timeline and reduces long-term costs associated with turnover and re-hiring.

Hands-on security training is available from Oracle University across the product stack. Benefit from training and best practices directly from the security experts at Oracle.

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Friday Jun 20, 2014

Experience Pays for Oracle Database Administrators

Written by Diana Gray, Principal Curriculum Product Manager, Oracle University

In these economic times, it's important to know where you stand in your occupation and where new opportunities might avail themselves to you.

From time to time, it's wise to review industry data to see how your profession is trending when it comes to salary and job requirements. Doing so will help you ensure that you're on the right path to making the most of your career.

According to a recent study featured on Salary.comsalaries for Oracle database administrators depend on a number of factors:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Location
  • Industry
Overall, the data indicates that becoming an Oracle database administrator can be very lucrative for professionals.

While Oracle Database administrators skills change depending on your job and expertise, many are responsible for administering, maintaining, developing and implementing policies and procedures. They're also responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of the company’s Oracle Database. They implement data models and database designs, data access and table maintenance codes, resolve Oracle Database performance issues, database capacity issues, replication and other distributed data issues.

If you're in this field and looking to make the most of it, explore the robust training and certification offerings Oracle now has developed for Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle University wants to help you make the most of your career by providing you with up-to-date information from our leading experts.

It’s up to you to seize training opportunities that will help you gain the skills you need to accelerate your career – so take advantage of our new offerings!

Friday Apr 19, 2013

Stand Out from the Crowd: Become an Oracle Solaris System Administrator

If you're like many people in the modern day workplace, you're looking for ways to grow your knowledge, challenge yourself, become a greater asset to your company, make yourself more marketable and improve your job satisfaction. Many people are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd by possessing a unique set of valuable skills that will warrant higher pay.

In the IT world, possessing Oracle Solaris System Administration skills can be that key differentiator to increase your earning potential.

Oracle Solaris System Administration Skills in High Demand

IT Managers often tell me that they have a hard time finding qualified Oracle Solaris System Administrators. These managers need people with a depth of knowledge to manage their infrastructure, but there aren’t enough highly qualified people to fill those roles. Since the most business critical operations are running on Oracle Solaris, it's important to employ people who are experts in administering those systems. Furthermore, these in demand technologists tend to be engaged in a more comprehensive part of the IT story within their businesses. And their advanced skills are rewarded with higher pay.

Oracle Solaris System Administrator Salary

Oracle Solaris System Administrators, on average, are on a substantially higher pay scale than other System Administration positions. They also tend to have a high job satisfaction rate. As the technologies available in Oracle Solaris continue to advance, their skills allow them to work on challenging projects that expand well beyond the common daily system administration tasks.

How to Become an Oracle Solaris System Administrator

Whether you're new to Solaris and want to work your way to become a senior level administrator, or you're an experienced System Administrator looking to move into Oracle Solaris, Oracle University offers courses to get you there. You can also invest in earning an Oracle Solaris System Administrator Certification to validate your skills and prove to employers you have the knowledge and skills they need.

If you're interested in exploring Oracle Solaris Training courses, the sooner you start, the more competitive you'll be in the job market.

Get a preview of offerings available in the Oracle Operating Systems curriculum video below.


Have questions about Oracle Solaris Training or Certification? The team at Oracle University would love to hear from you. Drop us a note in the feedback section below.

- John Hathaway, Principal Curriculum Product Manager


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