Friday Dec 13, 2013

Use Oracle Application Express to Easily Develop or Run Applications

Did you know that Oracle Application Express is a standard component of the Oracle Database and is installed by default when you install Oracle Database 12c? Once the database is installed, you can then configure the Web Listener and provide an Application Express Environment within minutes.

What is Oracle Application Express?

Oracle Application Express is a "no-cost" option of the Oracle Database, which means you can have any number of developers creating any number of applications with any number of end-users - all without paying any additional licensing costs. Furthermore, your Oracle Database maintenance agreement also covers support for Application Express with the dedicated Oracle Support engineers.

Oracle Application Express Offers Very Low Barriers to Entry

With Oracle Application Express, you can build web and mobile applications quickly and easily. Start with Oracle Database XE, or even our free hosted development service and Application Express to develop applications with zero initial financial investment.

When ready to go to production, you can then pay a monthly subscription using a hosted solution. These hosted solutions include Oracle Database Cloud Service, or you can buy an Oracle Database license. There is no additional licensing cost associated with Application Express. 

Citizen developers have proven very capable of building their own "targeted" applications using Application Express. This allows you to develop your own solutions, rather than having to rely on your IT department. Avoid associated delays and costs of such development efforts.

The flexibility of Application Express caters to a vast range of applications, from the very simplest conversion of a spreadsheet, to a highly integrated solution, such as the Oracle Store. Therefore, even those humble, "targeted" applications developed with limited scope can readily be enhanced. These applications can then meet stringent business requirements once they are transformed into company-wide applications that are available to thousands.

Experience the Benefits of Using Oracle Application Express 

Oracle Application Express allows you to define and enhance database-centric applications using only a web browser, as no client-side software is required for developing or running applications. For the majority of applications, developers can simply use the built-in wizards and features, including Dynamic Actions to define rich, interactive web applications.

Enroll in New Oracle Application Express Workshop I & II Courses 

Check out our new Oracle Application Express Workshop courses below and see how Oracle University's extensive curriculum and hands-on tutorials prepare you to build any number of applications. These courses are designed and developed in very close cooperation with the Application Express Development Team to ensure the best quality training material. 

The above-mentioned workshops enable you to take full advantage of the extensive functionality available within Application Express. Through interacting with expert Oracle University instructors and participating in hands-on exercises, you'll learn how to readily convert any database-centric business requirements into fully featured applications that your users will love.

After completing these courses, you will be able to build higher quality applications even faster. Not only will you meet your business requirements; you'll also exceed your users' expectations.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore Oracle Application Express training courses today.

-Diana Gray, Principal Curriculum Product Manager, Oracle University

Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

What Are the Hottest IT Skills in 2013?

New Year, New Skills

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take a step back and think about where you want to go in the next 365 days, both personally and professionally. Here at Oracle University, we can’t really help you with the personal resolutions; however, if you’re thinking about a career change or want to position yourself for success within your company, then we can definitely lend a hand.  

Having the right skills on your resume at the right time can be critical to your success.  Below, check out the hottest IT skills that will help you gain an edge in the marketplace in 2013.

Get Your Head in the Cloud

It should come as no surprise that “Cloud” is one of the hottest buzz words in the tech world right now.  And with that popularity comes an increased demand for the skills that will help organizations make the move to the cloud.Investing in cloud training in 2013 will expand your skill set to include cloud deployment and implementation, making you a more marketable candidate for potential jobs. Beyond the cloud, you should be thinking Big Data/Analytics and Java/Mobile Application Development.But remember, just getting the technical skills alone isn’t all you need to widen your career prospects and potentially increase your salary.  Rich Milgram, CEO of career network Beyond, put it this way: 

“Learning a technology is the easy part. Having the mindset to apply it, having the mindset and logic process it, being thorough and detail-oriented while doing so, these are the critical skills.”

The Industry’s Top Skills and Top Jobs Compiled

Around this time of year, many industry publications and career sites run surveys that indicate which jobs or skills are hot.  These lists are a great place to start when considering which skills you want to develop and put into practice in 2013.   

1. Programming and Application Development
2. Project Management
3. Help Desk/Technical Support
4. Security
5. Business Intelligence/Analytics
6. Cloud/SaaS
7. Virtualization
8. Networking
9. Mobile Applications and Device Management
10. Data Center

Careerbuilder: Top Jobs in 2013

1. Software Developers
2. Systems Analysts
3. Network and System Administrators
4. Information Security Analysts
5. Computer Programmers
6. Database Administrators

CyberCoders: Top Technical Skills and Associated Job Types of 2013

1. JSON / Web Developer
2. Objective-C / Mobile Developer
3. Saas/Software / Engineer, Developer
4. Cloud / Cloud Engineer, Developer
5. XCode / Mobile Developer
6. SharePoint / Developer
7. ERP / Account Manager, Analyst
8. HTML 5 / Front End Developer
9. T-SQL / Data Analyst
10. iOS / Developer

Build Your 2013 Training Plan

Kicking off 2013 by developing a new technical skill is a great way to set the tone for the year. Start building your training plan for 2013 through Oracle University  by exploring Oracle Cloud Training, Java Application Development Training and Business Intelligence Training to give yourself the edge you need in a competitive marketplace.

Which IT skills would you like to improve upon in 2013? We would love to hear from you. Let us know in the comments section.

-Kate, Oracle University Market Development Manager

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