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How to Speed Up the Oracle ERP Cloud Adoption Curve

Shannon Braden
Cloud Enablement Specialist

In my role as a cloud adoption specialist for Oracle University, I work with various sized companies who are either in the process of moving to the cloud or just about to get started. I have been with Oracle University for 17 years now, working with customers, both internal and external, to understand help identify training requirements, and help to build a solution that will meet timelines, budgets, and training needs.

Based on past experience, I’ve found a couple of key areas that typically hang people up during their implementations. This blog provides some best practice recommendations to improve implementation and to speed up product adoption.

My work is not done when the deal is closed and signed. In fact, speaking from an organizational point of view, that’s only the beginning. Oracle is deeply invested in ensuring that clients have successful implementations.

The reason for this is very simple: if an ERP Cloud implementation is unsuccessful, users won’t make the best use of the application, time and money is wasted, and sooner or later management will start looking for alternatives.

Optimizing your cloud investment – some ideas:

Get Company-Level Buy-In

Make sure you have senior management’s full support, and that support is made public and vocal. The company leadership’s backing can make a real difference in for an ERP Cloud implementation.

Since senior officers usually only address high-level issues, it reiterates for employees that this is a company priority that demands their commitment and support. Granted, getting senior management to vocalize their support in the move to ERP Cloud is a challenge in itself. It helps to highlight the importance of their endorsement to the project’s success.

So in a way, we come full circle: company leadership need to endorse Oracle ERP Cloud implementation to accelerate its success, and employees need to hear their managers’ support in order to pick up the pace and dive deeper into the learning process.

Invest in User Experience and Ease of Use

Research shows that the #1 need in an ERP system expressed by manufacturers is ease of use, and it’s safe to assume that manufacturers are not the only group of users concerned with ease of use in their ERP applications. 

Aberdeen Group ERP survey results 

Image source: Aberdeen Group

This makes for an interesting challenge because ERP systems are required to carry out complex actions and are based on a massive amount of data input and calculation. Let’s face it: no ERP in the world can ever be as easy to use as some ecommerce platforms which are designed for minimum actions.

From the users’ perspective, learning how to use new software can trigger quite a bit of apprehension. There is a lot of learning and memorizing involved, even if it is “just” a move to ERP Cloud. It becomes apparent that manufacturers are adamant about ease of use as a means to cross the “Onboarding Bridge”.

If the first meeting with the new ERP application goes smoothly, employees are more likely to settle into a comfortable routine of using the software.

For this purpose, I’d like to recommend Oracle University’s Guided Learning. Guided Learning is a set of step-by-step guides created for Oracle ERP Cloud by Oracle experts. They are extremely helpful both with onboarding and with long-term retention, as they can be accessed anytime from anywhere, guiding users through actions that require multiple steps.  

Keep Promoting the Product to Your Users

You would think that since the organization has paid for the software license and implementation is in progress, the selling part of the process is over.


Success of an ERP deployment depends on users’ motivation to start using it.

  • How will Oracle ERP Cloud make their jobs easier?
  • How will it save them time?
  • In what ways are billing and accounting going to be easier now?  
  • Will it give me enough information as I go through the business transactions?

Figure out how your employees are going to benefit from ERP Cloud and tell them, over and over. They will only commit to learning if they are enthusiastic about the process and the results. So show your users what is in it for them. Sell them on the idea that Oracle ERP Cloud is going to improve their lives.

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