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SaaS Cloud Learning Subscriptions: New Features Enhance the Learning Experience

Jim Vonick
Senior Product Manager

Oracle University’s Cloud Learning Subscriptions are proven training solutions with a rich feature set that enable you to build expertise, validate that expertise, track your progress, and continuously learn to stay current and grow your skills.

New features are now available in our SaaS learning subscriptions that will enrich your learning experience, including:

  • Enhanced content structure
  • Instant labs
  • Machine translation for five languages

Below, we'll take a closer look at each of these features and how they can benefit your business.


1. Enhanced Content Structure

Cloud Learning Subscriptions are available for most Oracle Cloud applications, including: Global HR, Talent Management, Financials, Project Portfolio Management, EPM, Sales, Marketing (i.e. Eloqua, Responsys, Maxymiser, BlueKai, Infinity, and Content Marketing), Service, CPQ, Procurement, and SCM.

The structure of the content in each learning subscriptions has been recrafted to better align with your learning intent and job role. The following image depicts this new content structure:


Cloud Learning Subscription Structure


Here’s a brief explanation of each content type:

  • Get Started Content: This content is exactly what you would expect. Get an overview of the business benefits and capabilities for a particular family of Oracle Cloud applications. Learn the basic navigation, key product features, and robust reporting capabilities of the applications.

  • Training Essentials Content: Get an introduction to each module within a family of applications. Learn how to navigate and start using each module.

  • New Releases Content: Oracle Cloud applications are updated quarterly, and the content in our Cloud Learning Subscriptions is updated to stay in sync with each product release. Explore the new features and functionality in each release to stay current as your cloud applications evolve. 

  • Customer Project Team Content: Your project team needs to understand the configuration options that should be considered during implementation. Project team content empowers them to make informed business decisions throughout your projects.

  • Implementer Content: Build the expertise to successfully implement a specific cloud application. The training is also designed to prepare you to take the associated implementation certification exams included in your learning subscription.

  • Power User Content: Learn about the key tasks and setup options that functional users need to understand about their applications.

  • Administrator Content: Learn to perform the technical administration tasks to manage and maintain your cloud applications, including approvals, notifications and integrations, managing users and roles, and working with reports.  

  • Applied Learning Content: Enhance your understanding through practical use cases based on real-world scenarios.

The user interface within our learning subscriptions incorporates an intelligent filtering system. This filter has been retrofitted to align with the new content structure, making it easier to find the training that interests you.

The following image is an example of an updated filter:

training subscription smart filter


2. Instant Labs

Learning subscriptions include access to hands-on labs that enable you to practice on live cloud environments. With instant labs, you can start practicing whenever you’re ready. This means you no longer have to schedule and reserve lab time. If you need additional time, you can simply extend your lab time.


3. Machine Translation

Machine Translation in Japanese

The image above demonstrates an example of machine translation in Japanese.

Machine translation uses intelligent software to translate content from one language to another. Although not perfect, technology advancements have made machine translation a viable option to support multiple languages.  

Our SaaS learning subscriptions now leverage machine translations to enhance the learning experience of those who prefer a language other than English. Machine translation is available for five languages:

  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Machine translation is currently available for the Getting Started and New Releases content. Simply find and select the language of interest under the captions settings in your learning subscription.

Ready to build expertise, track your progress, and grow your skills to get the most out of your Oracle Cloud applications? Let Oracle University's flexible training support you.


Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription CTA


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