Why Take Java Training: Insight from Senior Instructor Joe Boulenouar

August 21, 2019 | 6 minute read
Diana Gray
Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager
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AJ (Joe) Boulenouar, Senior Principal Instructor for Java, shares his insight on Oracle’s recently released Java SE 11 courses, certifications, and learning subscriptions. He invites you to take advantage of savings through the User Group Champions Program.

With over 25 years of experience training people on Java, Joe validates the strength of Oracle’s Java strategy, direction, and career enablement techniques it provides through its many training and certification offerings.

“Oracle has done an amazing job with enhancing the Java Technology. The latest release, Java SE 11 curriculum, continues the evolution of the platform to ensure the broadest possible success of the core Java technology. It substantially streamlines the footprint of the Platform, and improves the expressiveness of Java class files. Java SE 11 is the best platform to develop any type of applications in the industry including On-Premise and Cloud Applications and is also the most recently developed long-term supported platform.”

Why Learn Java?

Driverless cars are just around the corner, as more and more automakers equip their vehicles with various crash avoidance systems. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) contracted Oracle customer Perrone Robotics to develop the Autonomous Vehicle Test System (AVTS). Written entirely in Java, AVTS will be used to independently test the safety of crash avoidance systems.

Java is a general-purpose programming language that forms the foundation for virtually every type of networked application. Java is considered to be the global standard for developing web content, embedded applications, enterprise software, and games. Used by more than 12 million, and possibly as many as 15 million developers worldwide, Java makes it possible to efficiently develop and deploy exciting applications and services.

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The Java programming language is a concurrent, strongly typed, class-based object-oriented language. It is normally compiled to the bytecode instruction set and binary format defined in the Java Virtual Machine specification.

This language is popular because it reduces costs, drives innovation, and improves application services as the programming language of choice for IoT, enterprise architecture, and cloud computing. According to the latest TIOBE Index, Java is ranked as the number one programming language as far as popularity and has ranked in the top 10 for over 20 years.

How is Java Training Developed?

In-house Java experts have developed Java training for the end-user to not only grasp the programming language concepts but also be able to apply them to developing applications. These Java experts have a true passion for Java and a deep understanding of how Java can be applied, where it is heading, and how it enables you to be successful in your career as a Java developer.

Recently Released Java courses:

Java SE 11 Learning Subscriptions

Java Learning Subscriptions provide you with access to content, certification exams, and reference material you can utilize for an entire year, helping you reinforce your learning as you accelerate your career. Recommended courses are included as part of the learning subscriptions. Get a free preview of the following Oracle Learning Subscriptions to find the best fit for you based on where you currently are in your career path:

Community Members Recognize Benefits Through the User Group Champion Program

Did you know that as a Java User Group (JUG) Member, you can take advantage of a special discount through the User Group Champion Program? Getting trained on Java has never been more affordable.

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Java Launches Careers and Unlocks Innovation

Java is at the heart of our digital lifestyle. It’s the platform for launching careers, exploring human-to-digital interfaces, architecting the world’s best applications, and unlocking innovation everywhere—from garages to global organizations. Whether you’re developing mobile apps, web apps, AI, machine learning or cloud infrastructure, Java is the programming language of choice.

Java Certification Validates Your Capabilities

Oracle Java certification is the standard and gauge of knowledge and proficiency in Java Programming language.

Developers use Oracle Java Certification to expand their Java technology skills, to stand out in the mass of millions of Java developers, and to catch the eye of potential employers.

One excellent way for developers to prove their Java programming skills is by validating these skills through Oracle Java certification. Oracle Java Certification gives employers an upright measure of the Java technology proficiency level of candidates applying for jobs. Get certified from the company that develops and continuously improves the Java Programming language API and the JVM environment.



Pursue 2 Levels of Oracle Java Developer Certification 

Java SE 11 Programmer I | 1Z0-815 is the first-level certification for Java developers. The exam will confirm the Java developers understanding of the concepts included in the fundamentals of the Java programming language while growing their Object Oriented knowledge using the Java programming language. The topics of the first exam are:

  • Understanding Java Technology and environment
  • Creating a Simple Java Program
  • Working with Java Primitive Data Types and String APIs
  • Using Operators and Decision Constructs
  • Working with Java Arrays
  • Describing and Using Objects and Classes Creating and Using Methods
  • Applying Encapsulation
  • Reusing Implementations through Inheritance
  • Programming Abstractly through Interfaces
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Understanding Modules

Oracle University offers the Java SE: Programming I course for leaning Java and preparing for this level 1 certification. Java SE 11 Programmer II | 1Z0-816 is the second-level certification for Java developers. It covers more advanced topics in the Java programming language such as secure coding, modular programming, and database access and much more. The topics of the second exam are:

  • Java Fundamentals
  • Exception Handling and Assertions Java Interfaces
  • Generics and Collections
  • Functional Interface and Lambda Expressions
  • Java Stream API
  • Built-in Functional Interfaces
  • Lambda Operations on Streams
  • Migration to a Modular Application
  • Services in a Modular Application
  • Concurrency
  • Parallel Streams
  • I/O (Fundamentals and NIO2)
  • Secure Coding in Java SE Application
  • Database Applications with JDBC
  • Localization
  • Annotations

Take the Java SE: Programming II course to learn more Java features and prepare for this level two certification.

Get a free introduction to Java SE 11 New Features:

Discover the Latest on Java at Oracle Code One

Learn where Java will go at Oracle Code One's technical keynote. Further the open source conversation with topics on Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit, Project Fn, and OpenJFX. 

How to Prepare for Java Certification Exams

The best way to prepare for these Java Certification exams is to enroll in the Java SE: Programming I and Java SE: Programming II courses from Oracle University. Under Oracle stewardship, Java technology has improved tremendously. It just makes sense to get the Java Programming training from the source.


Earn your Oracle Certification and download your digital certification badge to display online.


Get Started with Java Training Today

Java training provides you with the know-how you need in multiple formats to get started and progress to achieving career-advancing skills. Get started by taking advantage of one of the many opportunities available through Oracle University.

About Joe Boulenouar

Joe Boulenouar holds advanced graduate degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. As a senior technical specialist with Sun Microsystems, Joe has expertise in Java technology, the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition technology (Java EE), SOA, Web Services, and the Sun Java Middleware products. Joe has trained many companies in their sue. He has also architected and designed many Java EE applications for Sun clients. While at Sun, he won numerous awards, including Technical Specialist of the Year. He is active in research in the fields of Distributed Systems and Artificial Intelligence and has numerous publications.


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Diana Gray

Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager

Diana Gray is a Senior Principal Product Curriculum Manager with Oracle University. She has over 30 years of experience with management and marketing of educational services at Top Fortune 100 companies, and is currently responsible for product marketing Oracle University's product learning portfolio.

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