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October 8, 2019 | 3 minute read
Eva Chase
Global, Sr. Marketing Manager
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Guest Post by Robert Pastijn, Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Database Product Development, PlatformTechnology Solutions.  

Oracle Database 19c has arrived – bringing with it a multitude of new features to explore, new technologies to learn, and new ways to optimize business outcomes.

Before we take a look at some of the advantages of the latest in database innovation, let’s take a quick trip back in time to the origins of databases – remembering that the only way to truly unlock the potential of your employees and your business is by continuously learning and leveraging the most up-to-date technologies.

The evolution of business data and database technologies

From time immemorial, companies have needed to store and access business-critical operational data:

  • Names, prices, and details of products or services
  • Customer data
  • Financial information – from consolidated expenses and revenues through to granular invoice numbers, amounts, and due dates
  • Human resources data, and so on.

One of the most important considerations for any business has always been, “Where and how to securely store these data in order to ensure optimum access for employees when they need it?”

The solution: Put some A4 paper in a typewriter and store the resulting document in a filing cabinet. Well, perhaps not these days... But for decades this was recognized as the most efficient – and high-tech – way of doing things.

While core operational data types have largely stayed the same (albeit data volumes have grown considerably), the technologies available to manage and manipulate the data have become exponentially more sophisticated.

In 1979, Oracle released the first commercially available RDBMS – sparking a ground-breaking transformation of the business world. Five years later, Oracle Database technology had already evolved significantly – supporting commit/rollback and read consistency with the release of Oracle v4.

Yet even during this time of rapid technological change, some firms still chose to rely on outdated typewriters and paper-based ledgers. In so doing, these companies stifled their potential, frustrated their employees, and did not survive in the marketplace for long.

Companies that chose the path of database innovation, however, became the well-established blue-chip conglomerates and successful multinationals of today. Their highly trained, well-skilled employees went on to experience ever greater and more rewarding careers.

Are you using the full potential of Oracle Database technologies?

In recent years, Oracle Database technologies have evolved at an astounding rate. For example, since the release of Oracle Database version 10g, Oracle has introduced more than 1,680 new features – of which 930 have come since the release of Oracle Database 12c just five years ago.

Because Oracle’s innovations are based largely on feedback from customers, each new feature offers a real-world opportunity for you to unlock more potential from your data and edge further ahead of the competition.

Oracle Database 19c introduces no fewer than 95 new features and options. Here are just a few that you can add to your DBA toolbox:

  • Create a duplicate of an Oracle Database Using DBCA in silent mode
  • Create a PDB by cloning a remote PDB using DBCA in silent mode
  • Grant or revoke administrative privileges to and from schema-only accounts
  • Relocate a PDB to another CDB using DBCA in silent mode
  • Download free tools to scan the health and security of your database

Make sure that you and your company never compromise your outcomes! To successfully evolve your business, the evolution of employee skills must keep pace with the evolution of technology.

What is the best way to maximize your database knowledge?

Whether you are a new DBA or have years of experience, there is no better way to ensure you are keeping up with all the latest Oracle Database innovations than by following the Oracle DBA certification path.

Preparing for the Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional exam will teach you in clear and real-world terms how to make best use of all the new features in Oracle Database 19c.

Being Oracle Certified will give you the confidence and perservance to face any issue when implementing or administering the latest Oracle Database release.

Oracle Certification also looks great when promoting your skills or applying for a new job – demonstrating skillsets that are very much in demand. So even if your current organization is hesitating to embrace the latest technologies - you will have no problem finding employment at a company which, like you, is ready and eager to unleash its limitless potential.

Eva Chase

Global, Sr. Marketing Manager

This is the 4th company where I have built out a high tech certification program.  Spanning over 20 years of successful program management, go-to-market strategy, execution, and marketing in the area of education, certification and business operations.


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