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November 30, 2021 | 5 minute read
Damien Carey
Senior Vice President, Oracle University
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Over the last year we’ve seen business priorities shift and organizations accelerate the pace at which they are looking to transform in order to adapt and evolve in the post-pandemic world. To stay ahead, more and more organizations are turning to the cloud to help them drive employee productivity, reduce cost, and achieve the agility they need to thrive, even in the face of significant disruptions to global supply chains, labor markets, cybersecurity, and business continuity.

This rapid shift presents tremendous new opportunities for digital transformation in the wake of global change. It also leaves a gap in skills faced by companies that need to effectively transition to using cloud technology while supporting their business goals today and in the future. In fact, 74% of CEOs polled were worried about the availability of key employee skills for their business. (Source: World Economic Forum, PwC analysis)

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At Oracle University, we are committed to enabling organizations with the skills training they need throughout their cloud transformation journey and helping to achieve their desired business outcomes and to drive innovation using Oracle solutions and technology.  From preparing for transformation to adopting and leveraging cloud technology on an on-going basis, we offer two key learning solutions to support our customers’ success – Oracle MyLearn and Oracle Guided Learning.

Oracle MyLearn - Personalized learning to drive transformation success

As organizations adopt new technologies to support their future direction, identifying and developing the right skills is key to cloud transformation success. This is important for all employees and is especially critical for those technical teams tasked with implementing cloud technologies, supporting continuous updates, and leveraging new features to drive innovation. 

Through a comprehensive, role-based digital learning platform called Oracle MyLearn, we make it easier for organizations to train their teams when and where they need to. Oracle MyLearn makes skills training available via a personalized, easy-to-use interface, providing flexibility and increased accessibility to learn the full suite of Oracle solutions and technologies anywhere in the world.  This, in turn, enables companies and partner organizations to quickly improve their success with Oracle implementations.

Partners like Accenture have leveraged the power of Oracle MyLearn to train and certify tens of thousands of their consultants worldwide across SaaS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions.

“Oracle MyLearn allowed us to modernize how our consultants learn. Through flexible digital courses, instant hands-on labs, skill checks, and more, we have figured out the formula to help our consultants gain and retain knowledge. Access to up-to-date, high-quality Oracle training has enabled our consultants to gain expertise validated through certification. The result: successful client engagements.” Santos Gilarranz, Managing Director of Accenture

Cloud migration transformation success


Project teams find greater success and clients see improved value in their Oracle technology by acquiring the knowledge and skills needed, and continually learning and using our advanced training solutions.

Oracle MyLearn’s holistic learning experience includes: high-fidelity video content from Oracle experts, live sessions, hands-on practice labs, and integrated on-demand certification. Built-in business intelligence provides individuals and enterprise real-time information on learner progress and competence.

In addition, as quarterly cloud updates are rolled out and new features added, we keep our learners updated with the information they need to successfully adopt the innovation to stay ahead of change.  All of this results in happy clients and successful implementations.

Oracle Guided Learning - In-application guidance to drive user adoption

To further support cloud adoption, Oracle University also offers Oracle Guided Learning which provides users with training and support directly in the application. Today, 2.3 million users of Oracle Cloud applications leverage Oracle Guided Learning to access organization-specific guidance within their application interface, making it easier to find and leverage contextually relevant training and support resources when and where they need it.

HM Treasury, the UK’s economic and finance ministry, implemented Oracle Guided Learning across their Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM instances to help streamline internal processes and improve employees’ user experience within their newly implemented cloud solutions.

“The results were astounding. Since going live, users have viewed Oracle Guided Learning thousands of times in a matter of months, helping them complete processes, positively impact behavior, and improving overall efficiencies,” says Iain Elvin, Head of Oracle Systems for HM Treasury.

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At Oracle, we’ve implemented Oracle Guided Learning across many of our own internal applications that support our HR, finance, and sales functions.  With our own internal use of Oracle Guided Learning, we have been able to help drive employee productivity and enable our employees to maximize their contributions.

An example is Oracle’s global sales team, who have successfully leveraged Oracle Guided Learning to “support change management and drive sales rep success by providing our teams the information they need – like policy and program updates – to complete their activities quickly and effectively,” says Dan Goe, Senior Director of Global Sales Operations at Oracle.

As a result of this “just-in-time” enablement and guidance, Oracle employees can focus on the highest value activities and work more efficiently.

With Oracle Guided Learning, role-relevant knowledge can be found at the exact moment of need to ensure quick and effective change.  Through a dynamic widget, Oracle Guided Learning provides step-guides, smart tips and beacons and allows users to embed policy information and other key resources right within the application.  And, with consistent in-app messaging and communication to drive new processes, workflows, and solutions at scale, users can quickly adopt their new cloud application.

Continuous skill-building for now – and in the future

As our customers demonstrate their desire to innovate in the post-pandemic world, we continue to strive to meet their demands with modern learning solutions to support the skills development needed to aid this change and growth.

Visit our website to learn more about Oracle Guided Learning and Oracle MyLearn and get in touch with our team who can help develop an enablement plan to ensure your success with Oracle Cloud.

Damien Carey

Senior Vice President, Oracle University

Damien Carey is Senior Vice President of Oracle University.  Oracle University is one of the world’s largest IT training businesses, delivering modern learning solutions to the Oracle customer and partner ecosystem globally. Damien has transformed Oracle University into a customer focused and technologically innovative organization. Through this innovation, Oracle University is delivering modern, digital, just in time training with tangible business outcomes. His focus is on helping customers adopt Oracle Cloud services, enabling their organizations quickly and easily.


Damien began his career at Oracle in 1995 and has held a variety of leadership roles in Finance, Consulting and Education. Prior to joining Oracle, he spent 2 years with Qantas Airways, partnering with The Boston Consulting Group on the Australian Airlines post- merger activities and preparing Qantas Airways for IPO. Prior to that, Damien spent 3 years with The Shell Company working in all facets of the downstream oil industry, from refinery, terminal operations and transportation management to retail and distributor development.

Damien was a member of the Australian Army NORFORCE unit whilst completing his Bachelor of Business in Economics and Finance at Charles Darwin University.

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