The Value of Oracle Certification

November 26, 2019 | 2 minute read
Eva Chase
Global, Sr. Marketing Manager
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The survey says….

Industry research shows that certification is a benefit to the hiring manager and the individual.  

IDC conducted research of the Business Value of Oracle Training and Certification recently and found:

        Oracle Database Trained and Certified experienced a 299% 3- year ROI  = 4 dollars of productivity improvement over three years for every dollar invested in training - Click to download this Business Value Snapshot 

        Java Trained and Certified experienced a 405% 3- year ROI  = 5 dollars of productivity improvement over three years for every dollar invested in training - Click to download this Business Value Snapshot 


Burning Glass found that individuals with technical certifications benefit from:

        Door openers; In career fields that value certifications, they carry a significant salary premium. Employers demand certifications for technical skills, not soft skills

        Career Escalators; Certifications fall into two broad categories, each with its own distinct impact: Door Openers, which help new labor market entrants enter a field; and Career Escalators, which pave the path for experienced workers’ upward mobility.  In both cases, technical fields value certifications.  Certified individuals carry a significant salary premium (as much as 18% in their sample). 

It’s about what you learn along the way.

The average person is using only a small subset of the technology, usually enough to solve this one issue or to do specific tasks.  Once you decide to become certified you step away from the standard job requirements.   Then as you begin to learn advanced features and tools you gain a deeper and wider knowledge.   Discovering new approaches, common mistakes and solutions brings confidence and recognition from your peers.

Learning, retained longer through the process of certification preparation = knowledge and credibility. 

Certified respondents said that Professional Credibility (that comes from training + certification combined), Earning Power and Job Satisfaction are the real value of being certified

        91% said “Gives me more professional credibility with those I interact with on the job”

        89%  “Makes me more valuable to my employer”

        84%  “Helps me retain acquired knowledge over a longer period”

        90% Would recommend certification to a friend or colleague looking to begin or advance their career

        88% Training + certification “Provides greater motivation for me to keep my skills up to date

        67% Greater self-confidence in abilities

        55% knowledge has been transferrable to real work situation

 Pearson Vue IT Survey - ( 2018 Value of IT Certification "© 2019 Pearson Education, Inc. or its affiliate(s). All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission." )

Why this matters

There are more than 2 million Oracle certified credential holders across the world.   Oracle is one of the top IT certifications you can have.   Click to see how The digital badge helps you differentiate yourself.  

Digital badges are:

        Recognizable proof of qualifications for Hiring Managers

        Visual and Shareable

        Real World Skills Directly Mapped to Open Jobs


What’s stopping you?

Get started today.   Click here to view all certifications    Ready for Oracle Certification now?  Buy your exam voucher and plan your preparation!  

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Download the Value of IT Certification infographic here

Eva Chase

Global, Sr. Marketing Manager

This is the 4th company where I have built out a high tech certification program.  Spanning over 20 years of successful program management, go-to-market strategy, execution, and marketing in the area of education, certification and business operations.


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