The Insider – “Oracle Guided Learning for Third Party Applications”

February 13, 2024 | 4 minute read
Chris Supangat
Principal Product Management, Guided Learning, Customer Success Services
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Welcome to another installation of “The Insider”, a peek into the inner workings of the Oracle Guided Learning Product team. Oracle Guided Learning is Oracle’s premier Digital Adoption Platform, designed to help organizations and their users adopt products, policies and processes faster as they transform continually in the cloud.

This series, will give you an insight into the rationales and reasonings for creating some of our innovative features and give you visibility into the team behind the platform.


Oracle Guided Learning – unify your adoption efforts across all your applications

Organizations are always seeking an integrated, unified experience to repeat and scale their efforts. The Digital Adoption space is no different, with our customers experiencing accelerated adoption, higher productivity and more satisfied users when using in-application techniques.

The misconception – Oracle Guided Learning is only for Oracle Fusion Applications

Contrary to speculation, Oracle Guided Learning can operate across any web/HTML based application. Oracle Guided Learning was originally known as Iridize, created for the purpose of a seamless onboarding and employee experience. Iridize connected into web HTML pages and applications as a JavaScript overlay via browser extension allowing customers to curate personalized, tailored experiences across their application stack.

In 2018, Iridize was purchased by Oracle, to be integrated into the Oracle stack to help increase cloud adoption and improve our customers’ users onboarding experience. In 2022, we enabled a seamless integrated embedded experience with Oracle Cloud Fusion Applications, thereby obviating the need to connect via an extension.

Currently Oracle Guided Learning is part of Oracle Customer Success Services, with the primary mandate to help our customers be successful. This doesn’t just translate into their success with onboarding, implementing and using Oracle specific products, but rather focus on solving customer problems and achieving outcomes together.

To this end, Oracle Guided Learning provides the opportunity for our customers to deploy our technology across our customer’s technology stack to help them accelerate adoption, maximize productivity, manage continuous change and satisfy their users across their enterprise-wide applications.

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