Spotlight on Success: OCM - A Key to Unlock the Treasures of Your Professional Life

November 19, 2019 | 3 minute read
Brandye Barrington
Sr. Program Manager
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Thoughts on OCM Certification

OCM: Just a Key

by Han Zheng

I would like to thank Mr. Tang Di for helping me and caring for me along the way, and for his wholehearted willingness to share. Above all, he is my role model. From him, I learned how a true professional thinks — his mindset, how he forms a plan and the actions he takes when facing a problem.

People who know me well know the hard work I have put in improving my technical skills during my journey with Oracle. (People who don’t know me probably have no interest in that at all.) Without further ado, let’s get to the point. Hopefully you will find this article useful.

What is Oracle Certified Master (OCM)?

In the first year of my journey with Oracle, I believed that an OCM could do anything (optimization, deployment and execution, tuning parameters, troubleshooting, backup and recovery, etc.). No problem in Oracle is a problem for an OCM!

As I improved my technical skills, I talked about OCM certification with many Oracle professionals. They regarded it as just a piece of paper — an expensive one — and I too began to view OCM that way.

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Just a paper?

But during my OCM training and preparation, my enthusiasm was ignited. We had to report our progress on a daily basis, and I saw the good work my classmates were doing — a powerful motivator, since I hate coming in last.

Along the way, I have developed the qualities an excellent DBA needs: delving deep when presented with problems, striving for perfection when solving them, and never giving up in the face of the unexpected. I can do these things because I developed the confidence to solve problems, because I had unflagging support from my classmates, and because I have the skills and the spirit that were passed down from the incredible men and women who came before me.

Initially, the main reason I worked so hard was that I didn’t want to waste my money. Later on, it was my competitive nature that drove me when I saw the progress my classmates were making every day. But in the end, it was that I enjoyed making my own daily progress, which for me was a treasure beyond price, especially when my hard work paid off.

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What is OCM really about?

Yes, OCM is just a piece of paper. But the question is, can you make it more than that? Yes, you can.

OCM is a key. It all depends on you and whether you can use it to unlock a treasure trove in your professional life. If you think of it as just a piece of paper, that is all it will remain.

For me, OCM certification has been about building confidence, learning to delve deep, striving for perfection and never giving up, making so many incredible friends and, above all, improving my technical skills. These things are what really matter!

The certificate simply represents the successful conclusion of this journey. And it is not really the end, but a new beginning.

For this incredibly thrilling adventure, I want to thank from the bottom of my heart Mr. Hou, Mr. Cui and all my classmates. I also want to thank my friends as well as my managers and colleagues. I am grateful to the Oracle WDP training center. You have made my journey with OCM the best ever!

Start your own Oracle Certified Master Journey.

*This article was provided and authorized by Oracle Certified Master Union. To reprint, please contact Oracle University and indicate the source.

Brandye Barrington

Sr. Program Manager

Brandye is a Senior Program Manager with Oracle Certification. An experienced leader in the field of IT Certification, Brandye has been in the certification industry for nearly 20 years, helping to build, grow and adapt Oracle's world class certification program. 

Brandye's expertise spans the operational intricacies of building and managing a global certification program; providing engaging dialog and building enduring relationships with customers and industry leaders; maintaining content and communications on an ever-evolving website, support structure and social media network; and keeping the Oracle Certification audience informed on new policies and procedures as well as new certifications, exams and products that enhance their careers and provide maximum ROI on their certification investment.

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