Rajib Hossain Improved His Skills AND Reputation With Java Certification

November 6, 2019 | 4 minute read
Brandye Barrington
Sr. Program Manager
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Rajib Hossain learned about Java from a poster he saw on the wall at his learning center. That was the beginning of a long relationship with Java training and certification that has earned him highly sought after skills, as well as improved rank and reputation and a better job. He is now leading his own team. Read his story in his own words (updated November 6, 2019):

Why was it important to you to become Oracle certified?                             

In 2006, I started learning Java after seeing the dialog “Look Before You Leap” at my learning center in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. After that I developed a number of projects using this technology. But I felt something was missing in my skills and I was not confident in my coding. While I consulted a few non-certified programmers about specific features of Java, their answers confused me more.

I wanted to learn Java the right way. I decided to enroll in a course. My teacher who is Java Certified on version 1.3 helped clear my confusion and get me on the right path.

After that course, I started studying books like SCJP Sun® Certified Programmer for Java™ 6 Study Guide by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates, and A Programmer's Guide to Java SCJP Certification by Khalid A. Mughal and Rolf W Rasmussen. These books offered profound knowledge which helped me to obtain the Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer (OCPJP) in 2013.

To further my education and deepen my knowledge, I planned to pursue a Java Expert Certification, for which I studied three Java books: Head First Servlets and JSP by Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra, and Bryan Basham, Struts in Action by Ted Husted, Cedric Dumoulin, George Franciscus and David Winterfeldt, and Java EE 6 Pocket Guide Book by Arun Gupta. Studying these books helped me pass the exam and become an Oracle Certified Expert, Web Component Developer for Java EE 5 and Java EE 6 in 2015, which has changed my life.

These certifications earned me a promotion from Junior Programmer at IBCS-Primax, one of Bangladesh's top ten customized software solution companies to Programmer, and then to Team Leader a year later.

At a subsequent job interview with Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd, I was asked an array of questions about Java. I was surprised that I knew all the answers because of my extensive study. They were also very impressed with my Java Certifications and offered me a job in their Research and Development department as a Senior Engineer. I attribute this step up to the hard work I put into earning these Java Certifications.

What is your job title and what are your responsibilities?

I work at Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd as Senior Programmer in the R&D department.  I am responsible for the vending token which maintains the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) for the electricity smart meter.

Tell us about the company you work for - what kind of services does your company provide?

Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 as one of the best known domestic suppliers of Smart Electronic Energy Meter and Electricity Management Information Systems (including terminal products and system solution) in China. The company is a collective operating enterprise that owns more than 100 subsidiary corporations.

Products and solutions include smart meter, AMI system, LED, intelligent lighting system, energy efficiency management platform, energy-saving services,  photovoltaic module, distributed photovoltaic power station system, distributed power station operating platform, micro-grid system, and more.

Since earning your Oracle Certification, what professional benefits have you experienced?

Earning these certifications has boosted my confidence. Now, I can analyze user requirements and design software that maintains the standard of Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI). I really enjoy it!

How does your Oracle Certification badge help you stand out from others in your field?

I personally believe that Oracle Certification distinguishes between certified and non-certified in a clear way. Sharing Oracle badges helps potential employers securely verify your certification and strengthens your profile against someone who is not certified.

Could you tell us more about who saw your badge, where they saw it, and what they said?

When I shared my badges with my colleges they were so delighted and planned to also earn certification to enhance their careers as well.

Do you have any plans to earn additional Oracle Certifications?

I am currently preparing for these certifications:

Rajib Hossain has come a long way since a chance encounter with a technology poster 11 years ago. Java Certification has played a key role in that journey.

Start your own Java Certification journey today. 

If you already hold a Java Certification, share your success story with us.

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Brandye Barrington

Sr. Program Manager

Brandye is a Senior Program Manager with Oracle Certification. An experienced leader in the field of IT Certification, Brandye has been in the certification industry for nearly 20 years, helping to build, grow and adapt Oracle's world class certification program. 

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