Gain new Oracle Fusion skills with Cloud Procurement Business Process training

September 6, 2022 | 4 minute read
Shannon Tarrant
Principal Learning Content Strategist - Supply Chain Management
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Chief Procurement Officers (CPO’s) and other procurement leaders continue to face efficiency challenges, accelerated by the global pandemic that has disrupted – and continues to disrupt – the business world at large and its supply chain.

In a recent study, a majority of businesses polled experienced either an extraordinary (15%) or significant (48%) impact from COVID-19 that continues to this day. In addition, procurement efficiency is one of the top priorities for CPO’s today.

A key aspect in building efficiencies in procurement is to increase and streamline overall implementation of procurement solutions through training and learning, as well as the application of best practices. That’s why I’m pleased to announce the availability of new Business Process Training and Associate Certifications for Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement.

This new training provides customers, implementation partners, and Oracle employees with an overview of end-to-end business processes flows for Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement while users learn how to prepare for successful implementations.

Learners also gain insight into how end-to-end business process flows are defined, based on Oracle Modern Best Practice, to help provide the foundational know-how required to make effective decisions while planning, implementing, testing, and using Oracle Cloud applications.

What is Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement?

Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement represents a modern, integrated source-to-settle suite that automates business processes, enables strategic sourcing, and improves and simplifies buying – resulting in lower risk, increased cost savings and greater profitability.

It is part of a complete, enterprise-grade, single cloud ERP to:

  • Streamline shopping and manage spend
  • Manage direct materials, services, and complex procurement
  • Increase agility with Supplier Relationship Management
  • Deliver greater value through strategic sourcing
  • Manage supplier contract lifecycle and compliance
  • Increase business value through analytic insights
  • Improve supplier collaboration and productivity

About Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement Business Process Training

Through this foundational training, learners will be able to improve collaboration and decision making while planning, implementing, testing, and using Oracle Cloud applications. As a result, learners will be able to: 

  • Establish a foundational understanding of modern business process flows supported by Oracle Cloud applications and technology enablers
  • Provide a common framework for your teams to use and refer to throughout your cloud implementation project
  • Align teams at the start to accelerate and improve project planning
  • Improve decision making throughout the implementation lifecycle

The training gives users a complete understanding of the procurement business processes and provides an understanding of the interdependencies of the business process flows.  Now all team members can work together seamlessly (no one is working individually in a silo), and each person understands what other team members are doing. The result is improved decision making, successful, efficient implementations, more meaningful contributions from team members, and ultimately a faster go-live.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement business processes are based on Oracle Modern Best Practice for procurement across myriad industries, helping organizations add value, streamline the sourcing process, and reduce costs.

Learners gain knowledge on how these best practices encompass every stage of the procurement lifecycle – from the initial stage of onboarding suppliers, to identifying sourcing opportunities and initiating sourcing events, to authoring contracts and ultimately receiving the product or service and closing out the financials.   

Additionally, the training combines a variety of elements such as rich text articles, descriptive imagery, concepts explained by experts, product demonstrations, and knowledge check quizzes to bring users the best possible learning experience.

This training also prepares learners for the Oracle Procurement Business Process Foundations Associate certification exam, and covers the following areas:

  • Purchasing Self-Service Procurement
  • Supplier Qualification Management
  • Supplier Portal
  • Sourcing
  • Procurement Contracts & Oracle Fusion Analytics
  • Payables Invoices & Payments

Each topic includes knowledge check quizzes to test and verify understanding.

Ideal for Implementers, Project Teams, and Students

Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement Business Process training and related certifications are designed for:

  • Partner implementation teams looking to get an understanding of the modern business flows supported by Oracle Cloud applications. 
  • New employees who would like to understand the procurement business process landscape as they start a role with an employer that uses Oracle Cloud. 
  • Customer project teams who work with implementation teams to define the business rules for their organization.
  • Universities and Colleges that want to offer students an industry curriculum that will accelerate graduate placement in the workforce.
  • Students new to Oracle Cloud who aspire to gain enhanced skills and knowledge that today’s employers demand.

As mentioned earlier, capping off the learning experience is a new Associate Foundation level certification, which will validate knowledge gained in key functional areas across Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement.

Get started today

At Oracle University, we strive to inspire organizations and individuals to learn best practices and build their cloud knowledge. Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement Business Process training is a prime example and is available in Oracle MyLearn as part of our Cloud Learning Subscription and Oracle Guided Learning solutions for no additional charge.

Shannon Tarrant

Principal Learning Content Strategist - Supply Chain Management

Shannon Tarrant, Principal Content Strategist, is responsible for assessing and delivering on the most current and innovative training needs in both Supply Chain & Procurement.  She has been part of the Oracle University team since 2019. Shannon began her career specializing in Supply Chain in both the retail and manufacturing sectors prior to becoming a Software Solutions Consultant.

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