Elevate your Oracle Cloud Applications support experience with Oracle Content

August 14, 2023 | 3 minute read
Chris Supangat
Principal Product Management, Guided Learning, Customer Success Services
Traci Saige
Senior Principal Product Manager
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The Challenge: Gathering the right guidance and support when you need it

Undergoing an application transformation can be daunting for any administrator. Customers often look to the expertise and collaboration offered by technology vendors and partners to help them successfully fulfill their digital transformation objectives.

While each transformation is unique, there are similar challenges often experienced in the transformation process, such as failed transactions, changes in workforce structure configurations, or payroll interface complications, and, as an administrator, gathering the right guidance, information, and process flows to complete and resolve tasks can take a lot of time.

Vendors and partners have the expertise and offer best practices when needed. However, the wait time for resolution can be unknown, all the while impacting the experience and operating capacity of your business users and causing administrators unnecessary headaches and stress.

Introducing Oracle Content

Oracle Content is guidance from Oracle experts, delivered to you directly in your application.

Oracle Content simplifies the process of gathering and disseminating information from your Oracle support and success teams. That’s because the content is built by experts focused on supporting your Fusion onboarding and resolution of common issues within Oracle Cloud Applications.

Using this feature helps your business enhance the level of support you gain from Oracle’s expert teams. You no longer must submit a service request to get help with common challenges, or endlessly search user guides to find best practices for onboarding and resolution. Oracle Content solves these issues -- helping you save time and enhancing your user’s satisfaction by bringing Oracle expertise directly into your Fusion application(s).

Oracle Content

oracle content 2

Oracle Content is available with Oracle Guided Learning. You can simply opt -in to receiving these communications in a simple settings panel available in your Oracle Guided Learning Console, then select the pieces of information (by team, by application) you would like to activate. When enabled, the content is available directly in your Fusion application. 

oracle content 3

Oracle Content is available as part of Oracle Guided Learning 23C.

To learn more, we encourage you to view our articulate course and demo and get started with Oracle Guided Learning by connecting with your Oracle Customer Success Manager.  You can also watch a recording of our webinar with the MyOracle Support team.

For other new features as part of 23C, you can join our upcoming webinars on August 22nd and August 24th.

Chris Supangat

Principal Product Management, Guided Learning, Customer Success Services

Chris is a former marketer, and current technology enthuaist and evangelist, exploring the impact of technology on people, processes and systems. He currently works in the Product Management space for Guided Learning, Oracle's Digital Adoption Platform, helping to accelerate cloud success, adoption, change and training.

Traci Saige

Senior Principal Product Manager

Traci Saige is a customer success and Oracle Cloud implementation professional focused on change ​management and digital adoption of Oracle solutions. Currently, Traci is a User Engagement Lead at Oracle University, designing and building adoption content that supports and enhances the user experience when engaging with technology.

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