Oracle Certification Badges Just got a New Look

October 13, 2020 | 2 minute read
Brandye Barrington
Sr. Program Manager
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Oracle Certification digital badges are getting a new look! We are updating our digital badges for current certifications and your badge may have been updated as a part of this rebrand.

Your Oracle badge:

  1. Empowers you to easily share your credentials with your professional network on LinkedIn, other social channels, and email.
  2. Provides context and verification of your skills and achievements - all uniquely linked to you. When someone views your badge on LinkedIn, they’ll be able to learn more about your skills and verify its authenticity.
  3. Helps you search for new job opportunities (and salary projections!) associated with your certification and apply in just a few clicks. Accept a badge in your Acclaim account to activate the job data, which is visible to you as the badge earner. Learn more about job data in the Acclaim platform.


How this rebrand affects you

  1. See if your badge has been updated by signing in to Credly's Acclaim platform and view your badge.
  2. If you haven't already done so, please use the badge notification email from Acclaim, or select the option to Claim or Share your badge in
  3. If you have already shared your badge on social media, you will need to sign into your account on Credly's Acclaim platform and share the new badge.


Update your new badge on LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn Newsfeed: Go ahead and share your updated credential on your Newsfeed for your whole network to see! 
  2. LinkedIn Profile: Adding your credential to your Profile makes your accomplishment a permanent part of your online resume. Your achievement will populate within the License & Credential section of your profile. The badge image doesn't display in the Accomplishments section of the profile as LinkedIn displays Oracle's logo there instead. You can click the "See certificate" button to verify badge details on Acclaim and view the updated badge image.

Brandye Barrington

Sr. Program Manager

Brandye is a Senior Program Manager with Oracle Certification. An experienced leader in the field of IT Certification, Brandye has been in the certification industry for nearly 20 years, helping to build, grow and adapt Oracle's world class certification program. 

Brandye's expertise spans the operational intricacies of building and managing a global certification program; providing engaging dialog and building enduring relationships with customers and industry leaders; maintaining content and communications on an ever-evolving website, support structure and social media network; and keeping the Oracle Certification audience informed on new policies and procedures as well as new certifications, exams and products that enhance their careers and provide maximum ROI on their certification investment.

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