OGL Insider: Automation – Quick Guide Builder

February 9, 2024 | 5 minute read
Ramkishore Vasudevan
Guided Learning Product Management, CSS OU Services Delivery
Chris Supangat
Principal Product Management, Guided Learning, Customer Success Services
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Welcome to another installation of “The Insider”, a peek into the inner workings of the Oracle Guided Learning Product team. Oracle Guided Learning is Oracle’s premier Digital Adoption Platform, designed to help organizations and their users adopt products, policies and processes faster as they transform continually in the cloud.

This series, will give you an insight into the rationales and reasonings for creating some of our premier features and give you visibility into the team behind the platform.


Quick Guide Builder – Create in-app guides efficiently

Digital Adoption Platforms allow you to create and deploy guides across your application pages and elements, providing a layer of guidance for your users just when they need it.

Traditionally, guides have been utilized to help users onboard onto new applications through tours and navigate successfully through processes. These are then documented and stored as Job Aids and produced into video content for training purposes.

As applications become more intuitive and apply different UI’s, elements becoming harder to select, the job of creating guides, documenting and amending changes can become challenging and cumbersome.

There has been a rise in the use of recorders to alleviate the process of selecting elements for guide building. Part of our core strategy is to improve our developers experience, by introducing automation into our platform, helping developers become more productive. Quick Guide Builder is just one example of this.


What is Quick Guide Builder? Why did we incorporate this into our product?

Quick Guide Builder
allows process experts and developers to quickly create process guides by simply recording a navigation process in the host application without the need to identify HTML element selectors. When completed, save the progress and transfer control over to an OGL content developer to further refine/finalize setting up their guide.

Content developers create process guides through a time-intensive step-by-step build process in which they select elements, add text/content, etc., one step at a time. In most cases, the content developer needs to have a working knowledge of the OGL editor to be able to successfully create and setup the guide. However, the same content developer may or may not be a subject matter expert on the host application (such as Fusion HCM). In these cases, the content developers would have to rely on the host application's SME to help with the workflow's navigation. The SME on the other hand would have little or no knowledge of using the OGL Console or editor.

Quick Guide Builder provides a solution to simplify process guide development.


Figure 1: Simply start recording your guides.

What is available today and how is this being applied?

To view a live demo, please see our recorded webinar on Customer Connect.

To get started, create a new content item and select 'Auto' from within the 'Process' guide type to launch.

Start the recording modal

Recording in progress, 'Advance on click' is default. Uncheck if working through form elements that require user input. Stop Recording Modal when complete.