Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Architect Associate course and certification: now available

August 15, 2022 | 5 minute read
Samvit Mishra
Samvit Mishra, Senior Principal Training Lead
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Announcing the availability of a new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) 2022 Architect Associate certification course and exam.

We have completely rehauled the Architect Associate course by adding 200+ new lessons and demos. With these updates, we have 142 lessons and 117 demos running for a total of ~27 hours, which speaks to the depth in which the core services are covered. OCI Architect Associate certification provides you with a competitive edge in the industry and is one of the most sought-after certifications in OCI, with hundreds of thousands of learners already enrolled.

Who is the OCI Architect Associate course designed for?

The course and certification are designed for Cloud Professionals, Solution Architects, and Solution Design Engineers who want to architect solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This course is intended for individuals who have atleast one year of hands-on experience in cloud computing, working knowledge of distributed systems, and familiarity with general networking concepts.

A sneak peek of the updated course

The course is designed to give you an in depth understanding of the core OCI constructs – Identity and Access Management, Networking, Compute, Storage, Database, Security & Observability and Management. These core OCI constructs are the building blocks for migrating existing apps or building new apps in the cloud, hence this course is a must have for cloud architects and developers. Let me quickly touch on the changes we made for the 2022 version of this course:

2022 OCI Associate Architect training - course outline


  • In the Identity and Access Management module, we have recorded new lessons and demonstrations on Identity Domains, AuthZ, Network Sources and Dynamic Groups.
  • The whole of networking experience is now divided into five lessons. We have re-recorded multiple new lessons and demos to stay current with the latest features and services:


Topics Discussed

Virtual Cloud Network (Re-recorded)

VCN, Subnets, Network Security Groups, Security Lists, Bastion and Gateways

Connectivity (Re-recorded)

Dynamic Routing Gateway, Remote Peering Connection, Site to Site VPN, FastConnect

Load Balancer (Re-recorded)

Load Balancer (Public/Private), Network Load Balancer

DNS Management

Public/Private DNS, Traffic Management


Other Services

Inter-region Latency Dashboard, Network Visualizer, BYOIP, VCN Flow Logs

  • We have completely rehauled the Compute and Storage (Object, Block and File) modules by adding 53 lessons and 51 demos. We understand that demonstrations can be very effective at engaging learners, generating interest, and enhancing learning – the primary reason for adding such a large number of demos.           

2022 Architect Associate course and cert - re-recorded DB module

(Click to view in full size)

  • We have also re-recorded the Database module, and have included many demonstrations on DB Systems and Autonomous Databases
  • We have also recorded new lessons and demos on Setting DB Time Zone and Database Migration. In the Security Module, we have added lessons and demos on OCI Vault. We have also re-recorded Observability and Management lessons (Monitoring and Logging) and demos in greater detail.

Oracle MyLearn: the training platform

If you’re already not aware, we offer a one-stop training and certification platform called Oracle MyLearn.  It provides  the training course, skill checks, exam prep, practice exam, online certification test, credentials, and more. It also provides an integrated learning experience where learners can move seamlessly from training to certification.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of this platform:

  • Jot down notes on topics that seem pertinent. If you’d rather read, follow along using the transcript tab. Transcripts are available in 16 languages.
  • Schedule breaks each hour and move around (don’t stay stationary in front of your computer).
  • Sign-up for an Oracle Cloud Free Tier account and play around with the console and navigation; get familiar with OCI platform and tools.
  • Complete the course. Go through the modules and skill checks in order. The modules and questions have been carefully designed and constructed to help you learn.
  • Take the exam prep prior to taking the certification exam.
  • Assess your exam readiness by taking the practice exam.

Get started today

Begin your learning journey by checking out the following:

We sincerely hope you like the updated course. The OCI team is continuously building and delivering training, integrating feedback, and monitoring user data. If something is broken or not resonating with our users, we want to know.

Also, please feel free to rate this course and leave a detailed review. Specific comments will help us understand what we’re doing well and what we can do differently.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with the course and the certification exam!

Samvit Mishra

Samvit Mishra, Senior Principal Training Lead

Samvit Mishra is a Senior Principal Training Lead & Evangelist (OCI) with Oracle University. He has been working in the cloud space as an Architect/Instructor for more than a decade and holds more than 30 multi-cloud Certifications.

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