Announcing OCI 2023 Developer Professional Learning Path and Certification

June 20, 2023 | 4 minute read
David Mills
Cloud Delivery Lead, Oracle University
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Announcing the availability of a new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) 2023 Developer Professional certification course and exam.

We have provided several enhancements to this learning path by adding new lessons and demos, as well as 15 new labs that you can perform in your own tenancy. With these updates, we now have 118 video lessons and demos running for a total of over 17 hours, which speaks to the breadth of coverage for OCI developer services. OCI Developer Professional certification provides you with a competitive edge in the industry and is a much sought-after certification in OCI, with many thousands of learners already enrolled.

Who is the OCI Developer Professional course designed for?

This learning path and certification was designed primarily for cloud native application and microservice developers, as well as cloud and solution architects. Ideally, it is intended for individuals who have at least one year of hands-on experience in developing applications. However, anyone that wishes to learn more about leveraging OCI for cloud native application solutions will benefit from this training.

A sneak peek of the updated course

The course has expanded to 11 modules – each containing lessons, demos, and skill checks to enhance your learning experience. Here is a summary of those updates:

OCI 2023 Developers certification


  • New lessons in the Cloud Native Fundamentals module to include a high-level overview of the OCI DevOps service.
  • Additional lessons and demos teaching more on containerization and managed Kubernetes.
  • A completely new module with 8 lessons and demos covering the OCI Queue service.
  • A completely new module with 11 lessons and demos covering OCI Service Mesh.
  • Brand-new activity guides for 15 hands-on lab practices that you can execute in your own tenancy – providing step-by-step instructions for performing each task along the way.
  • 55 updated skill check questions (5 per module) that include rationale and explanations for the correct answers to better facilitate your understanding.

An extensive end-to-end workshop

In addition, this robust hands-on workshop remains available for learners who wish to go the “extra mile” to gain more “real-world” experience. The use case involves a hotel chain called “Vision Stays” which currently has only a static website. They’re planning to expand and enhance the functionality by adding booking facilities, and also integrate their website with hotel aggregators.

OCI 2023 Developers certification - structure


In this workshop, you’ll use microservices to build their solution. Trust me, this is one of the most robust set of exercises that we have in our collection of OCI trainings – as you will complete over 40 hands-on lab practices which include everything from tasks (such as creating the required OCI Resources and setting up your Developer Environment) – to the building, deploying, and securing of microservices using OKE, Oracle Functions, API Gateway, and integration with many other OCI services.

Oracle MyLearn: The Training Platform

We have a one-stop training and certification platform consisting of the training course, skill checks, exam prep, practice exam, online certification test, credentials, and more. It provides an integrated learning experience where learners can move seamlessly from training to certification. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the Oracle MyLearn platform:

  • Jot down notes on topics that seem pertinent. If you’d rather read, follow along using the transcript tab.
  • Schedule breaks each hour and move around (don’t stay stationary in front of your computer for long periods of time).
  • Complete the course. Go through the modules and skill checks in order. The modules and questions have been carefully designed and constructed to help you learn.
  • Get hands-on experience by performing labs in your own tenancy. Note that we provide you an activity guide with detailed steps/instructions.
  • Watch the exam prep videos prior to taking the certification exam.
  • Assess your exam readiness by taking the practice exam.

OUniversity OCI 2023 Developers certification - courses

Get started today

Continue your learning journey by checking out the following:

We sincerely hope you like the updated course. The OCI team is continuously building and delivering training, integrating feedback, and monitoring user data. If something is broken or not resonating with our users, we want to know. Please feel free to rate this course and leave a detailed review. Specific comments will help us understand what we’re doing well and what we can do differently.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with the course and the certification exam!

David Mills

Cloud Delivery Lead, Oracle University

David has been working for Oracle since 1999 with experience in application architecture and
middleware product solutions. He has earned numerous Oracle certifications and now
provides training solutions for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services, specializing
in Oracle Integration Cloud.

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