Your guide to Oracle ERP Cloud training and certification

April 6, 2022 | 2 minute read
Noa Dror
Oracle Guided Learning Marketing Manager
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We're pleased to present the comprehensive guide to official Oracle ERP cloud training. This guide will help you:

  1. Understand your training options according to roles and organizational needs
  2. Learn about our latest training content and how it can benefit the ERP users in your organization
  3. Meet Oracle's free training on Oracle ERP Cloud  

Are you new to Oracle's Cloud Learning Subscriptions? Watch this video to better understand what it includes:

Free entry-level training: an intro to Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle Learning Explorer is our free entry-level training offer. These short courses are designed to give a taste of what to expect from our more comprehensive training courses. Each course is divided into short, micro-learning snippets that introduce the different ERP modules. Like all of Oracle University's digital training courses, the ERP Learning Explorer training is self-paced, allowing learners to start and stop when they want. Learners will earn an accreditation badge at the end of each learning path. Start learning Oracle ERP Cloud for free

Oracle Financials Cloud Implementation

The goal of the Oracle Financials Cloud Implementation training is to equip you with the knowledge and skills so you can perform a smooth and rapid implementation of your financial applications. This training will help you better understand the configuration options so you can make improved decisions during your implementation. You'll walk away with the skills to optimize the setup and effectively manage your financial processes in General Ledger, Payables and Receivables.

Oracle Financials Cloud - Financial Reporting Training

With this training, business analysts and reporting specialists can develop a deep understanding of how to best use Oracle Financial Reporting to run the finance side of your business. You'll learn how to create financial reports, use Business Intelligence Publisher templates and data models, create dashboards and reports, and analyze data.

Oracle University ERP training

Oracle Procurement Cloud Implementation Training

Oracle Procurement Cloud training covers the key options and tasks you need to understand to successfully configure your application in a way that maps to your business needs.  You'll also learn how to administer your application and perform key transactional tasks.

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Training

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud training focuses on setting up the Project Financial Management and the Project Execution Management offerings. Learn how to optimize the configuration to enable necessary collaboration between team members and give the business insight to efficiently plan, create and manage projects, tasks and resource within your organization.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Try the ERP Training and Certification page to drill-down into all of our courses and certification paths. 

Noa Dror

Oracle Guided Learning Marketing Manager

Noa joined the Oracle University marketing team when Oracle acquired Iridize. With a strong background in digital marketing, UX planning and customer strategies, Noa headed the content team in Iridize and now joins Oracle as a resident Guided Learning and content expert. 

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