Leveraging Knowledge to Empower your Community: Training Discount for Oracle User Groups

October 15, 2020 | 3 minute read
Noa Dror
Oracle Guided Learning Marketing Manager
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It’s always inspiring to see communities coming together around common interests and needs; this togetherness and shared interests created by communities such as Oracle User Groups is no different. These independent communities connect through networks and forums to provide peer support for members, share best practices, and discuss the latest updates and innovations in Oracle products.

Communities often focus on certain Oracle products and maintain lively discussions on internal forums. A notable example is Quest, a community committed to Oracle Cloud apps, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards. Founded in 1995, Quest boasts a lively website with more than 65,000 members that connect regularly.  

We encourage Oracle users to join user groups as a way to grow and expand knowledge, and to develop a culture of learning and sharing your experiences. To show our appreciation for community members and leaders, we invite Oracle User Group members to be part of the User Group Champions program. Through this program you can enjoy the most comprehensive digital training and accreditation Oracle University offers.


Get Oracle Trained, Become Oracle Certified – At 25% Savings

Is there an Oracle specialty you would like to learn more thoroughly? Oracle University, and the Oracle Group Champions program are now offering all user groups members and admins a 25% discount for all Oracle University Learning Subscriptions and Certification Exam Vouchers. This provides members of user groups with access to all Oracle Cloud digital training for a nominal fee.

Oracle University offers a comprehensive digital training library that allows you to gain mastery of any Oracle technology. Take our expert-led courses to prepare for certification and gain valuable, job-relevant skills. Oracle University offers the most updated learning content for all Oracle products, developed by top Oracle product experts and delivered in advanced learning solutions. With over 6,500 hours of content in 32 subscriptions, the learning subscriptions include:

  • Video training with the latest product updates
  • Certification exams
  • Free entry-level training with Oracle Learning Explorer
  • Hands-on labs for gaining more applicable experience
  • Live instructor-led coaching sessions
  • Exam preparations and Knowledge checks
  • Subtitles available for 13 languages with machine translation


Invest in Yourself and in Your Community

Here are a few more reasons to invest in your professional growth through Oracle University:

  1. Gain hands on experience, so that you will be able to talk about myriad topics, as well as demonstrate how they work. This comprehensive training will help you understand what is being implemented, what new approaches are being adopted, and why.
  2. Invest once and learn continually.. Content is continually updated to support the new Oracle rapid release model. Instead of waiting to take another class when new content comes out, it will be automatically added to your subscription. Learners can reach out to Instructors to ask more detailed questions at any time. This will help you describe some of the concepts you are working with in your community and get the answers you need direct from the experts.
  3. Impact your community with Oracle Certification. The User Group Champions  program allows you one attempt at each Oracle Certification Exam, including exam preparation and skill checks – so you can study, refer back to content that you need to brush up on, test your knowledge, and take the certification exams available in your subscription.
  4. Get noticed. Oracle certifications are highly valued throughout the industry.. In addition to increasing your future “hireability”, Oracle certification boosts current confidence in your skills and enables you to contribute to your community with more authority.
  5. Be the first to learn and understand new features new features are constantly being released for Java, Oracle Database, OCI, HCM, ERP and many other Oracle products.

As a User Groups Champion, you will be the first to learn about the above new features. You can then adapt them to provide first-hand examples, educating your community on alternative ways to solving problems, adapting to change, and learning new concepts that might have only been understood abstractly by others before.


Get Started

Join the User Group Champions program to get 25% discount off all Oracle University learning subscriptions plus one attempt at all certification exams. The offer is valid until December 31, 2020.


Noa Dror

Oracle Guided Learning Marketing Manager

Noa joined the Oracle University marketing team when Oracle acquired Iridize. With a strong background in digital marketing, UX planning and customer strategies, Noa headed the content team in Iridize and now joins Oracle as a resident Guided Learning and content expert. 

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