Keep the Focus: Productivity Over Process

November 12, 2020 | 2 minute read
Damien Carey
Senior Vice President, Oracle University
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The global workforce has witnessed a remarkable surge in employee engagement recently: according to a recent survey, Forbes cites a 47% increase in worker productivity. I’m sure there are numerous reasons for this trend but based on my own experience with my teams, I think this phenomenon centers around employees rediscovering their passion for work. Perhaps due to prolonged periods of remote work, no longer having to commute, or social distancing, many now find new meaning and interest in the purpose that their work and profession provides – it can serve as a constant when little else does.

Business leaders, now more than ever, need to support and empower employees to lean on work as a safe haven and source of purpose. But how do we do that? How do we continue to motivate, propel, and guide our employees to gain fulfillment and greater achievement from their work without compromising their work life balance?

In addition to providing flexible schedules and regular check-ins, we can work to help remove roadblocks and make employees more efficient with the time they do have.  Technology affords us with the opportunity to streamline our processes and how we function in real-time. 

By introducing technologies like a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) you can communicate business critical information in mass, deliver training and guides in the flow of work, and drive meaningful change and adoption without disruption. Simply put, your employees will gain more knowledge, reduce distractions, and enjoy a clearer view of the tasks at hand. Employees will be empowered to navigate, sift through and absorb new information in a sustainable and effective way – leaving them with more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

I think we can all agree that there is enough going on in the workplace (and our lives), so making process and procedural shifts easy and natural isn’t just a nice to have, it’s essential to creating a work culture that values employees’ time and ability to contribute meaningfully.

At Oracle University, we have seen increased demand for real-time, continuous learning that seamlessly integrates into existing day-to-day work. By providing employees with constant, consistent and reliable access to knowledge embedded within the solutions, software, applications, and processes that they are already using, only increases productivity and engagement.

Let’s empower our employees to do more and focus on the work that brings them fulfillment and purpose. Learn more about how Oracle University helps businesses empower their employees.

Damien Carey

Senior Vice President, Oracle University

Damien Carey is Senior Vice President of Oracle University.  Oracle University is one of the world’s largest IT training businesses, delivering modern learning solutions to the Oracle customer and partner ecosystem globally. Damien has transformed Oracle University into a customer focused and technologically innovative organization. Through this innovation, Oracle University is delivering modern, digital, just in time training with tangible business outcomes. His focus is on helping customers adopt Oracle Cloud services, enabling their organizations quickly and easily.


Damien began his career at Oracle in 1995 and has held a variety of leadership roles in Finance, Consulting and Education. Prior to joining Oracle, he spent 2 years with Qantas Airways, partnering with The Boston Consulting Group on the Australian Airlines post- merger activities and preparing Qantas Airways for IPO. Prior to that, Damien spent 3 years with The Shell Company working in all facets of the downstream oil industry, from refinery, terminal operations and transportation management to retail and distributor development.

Damien was a member of the Australian Army NORFORCE unit whilst completing his Bachelor of Business in Economics and Finance at Charles Darwin University.

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