Expand your Oracle Cloud know-how through the Oracle University Learning Community

November 22, 2022 | 2 minute read
Lois Houston
Director of Product Innovation & Go to Market Programs
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Oracle University Learning Community blog post

The global pandemic has forever changed how we interact on a personal and professional basis.  And while many workers are beginning to return to the office, global connectedness will continue to be of critical importance – for businesses, people, and careers.

I believe this is one reason the Oracle University (OU) Community, announced just a few weeks ago, has exploded in growth. Thousands of learners worldwide are joining to experience a unique new way to learn, with direct access to Oracle University experts and instructors.  

An extension of the Oracle MyLearn learning platform, the OU Community is a unique gathering place where learners can share knowledge and ideas, network with peers, and engage and interact with industry experts.  Learners can connect with associates, start discussions, share ideas, and gain insight into the latest cloud advancements.

Within the OU Community you will:

  • Connect with other members who, like you, are learning about Oracle applications, platforms, resources, and education opportunities.
  • Learn from your peers and Oracle instructors through exclusive events, course release updates as you discuss and learn best practices from other members.
  • Contribute and share your expertise with other like-minded individuals in the learning community.
  • Gain Recognition for your expertise. The more you engage, the more you are recognized for your accomplishments and contributions through gamification and badging.

Plus, as a bonus for Student Learning Subscribers only:

  • Find jobs - Student Learning Subscribers have exclusive access to view entry-level job opportunities posted by OU Community members.
  • Career readiness postings - students have access to exclusive discussion forums to engage with OU professionals, including posts related to career readiness topics to help them prepare for a career in the cloud.

We are excited to help you to continue your Oracle learning journey through our new community. I urge you to Connect, Learn, and Contribute to the OU Learning Community today.  It’s free and signing up only takes a few minutes:

  • If you are already an active Oracle MyLearn user, go to Oracle MyLearn to join the OU Community (you must log in to Oracle MyLearn first).
  • If you have not yet accessed Oracle MyLearn, you can log in here and create an account.

Join today and be sure to tell others about this new learning and knowledge-sharing resource.

Lois Houston

Director of Product Innovation & Go to Market Programs

Lois Houston is the Director, Product Innovation & Go to Market Programs at Oracle University. Throughout the course of her 20-plus year career at Oracle, Lois has continuously driven new and engaging training opportunities.  She is passionate about creating optimal learning experiences that enable learners to grow their skills, enrich their careers and provide even more value to their organizations.

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