Introducing: Oracle Guided Learning for Digital Adoption

March 26, 2019 | 4 minute read
Noa Dror
Oracle Guided Learning Marketing Manager
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Oracle University is proud to present Oracle's digital adoption platform for cloud: Oracle Guided Learning for Oracle Cloud applications.

Oracle Guided Learning significantly accelerates Oracle Cloud adoption by making it easier for an organization to immediately bring its users up to speed with SaaS processes across time zones, languages, and roles in a predictable and measurable manner.

As a result, employees will become more productive and will be able to keep current with each Cloud release. Organizationally, you will experience reduced support and enablement costs and will have the confidence required to thrive in an ever-changing world.

What is Oracle Guided Learning? 

Oracle Guided Learning is a service that provides step-by-step guides for Oracle Cloud applications.

Oracle University offers a library of readymade guides for HCM, ERP, CX, SCM and all other Fusion Apps. In addition, you can commission personalized guides, tailored for your unique organizational needs. 

Oracle Guided Learning - learn in the flow of work

What’s Different about Guided Learning?

Oracle Guided Learning offers role-based training for Oracle Cloud applications, meaning guides are delivered to employees according to role, position or based on action. Oracle content experts design and create the guides for HR professionals, sales representatives, database administrators, finance directors, as well as many other enterprise roles working on Oracle Cloud applications. 

Oracle Guided Learning is the only digital adoption solution that ensures guides are updated with each quarterly cloud update, allowing seamless use of Fusion apps and continuous learning for employees. During upgrades, feature updates are sent to employees within the application, immediately bridging information gaps and preventing confusion or disruption. 

Feature Highlights

Here is a quick glance at some of Guided Learning’s top features:

Step-by-step Guides with Rich Media

Step-by-step guides are the heart of Oracle Guided Learning. These interactive steps can be a series of quick text-based tool-tips, but they can also be transformed into an engaging visual aide, sporting images, videos, GIFs, forms and more.

Oracle Digital Adoption - with videos and rich media


Role-Based Training

Oracle Guided Learning delivers training content by employee role, or segmented by employee action (page visited, button clicked). This allows for an customized, accurate learning experience that saves employees' time and creates better conditions for retention.  

Dynamic Widget with Powerful Search Capabilities

The widget is a gateway to Oracle University’s rich library of content. The auto-filled search is configured to show employees only content relevant to them. The widget can minimized to a small icon that can be moved around the screen so it stays out of the way. It also remembers each employee’s preference and will appear at the same place when Oracle Guided Learning restarts.

Navigate to your Own Content

Promote your company’s policies to increase knowledge and compliance. You can either deliver this content proactively as an in-application message, or else make it available for employees to search and find in the widget. Or both. This way employees will read policy details at the precise time they are needed to be put into action.

Oracle Guided Learning - access company policies

Self-Service Editing and Content Creation

Create message content and blast it out instantly to selected teams or the entire organization. Edit content directly in live guides to ensure learning content stays up to date with features and business processes. 

Rich Insights and Analytics

Gain insights on how your employees are using your learning content, and how your guides are performing. With the help of deep product and user data, understand which guides are more effective and who in your staff is struggling with new cloud software. Use metric driven insights to optimize learning content, improve the user experience and reach out to employees who need more assistance.

Oracle Digital Adoption learning analytics

Machine Translation

Displaying content in the native language of your workers is critical in some parts of the world and of course, helps drive productivity. Oracle Guided Learning provides automated machine translation of content, allowing employees to learn from Guided Learning guides in the language of their choice. 

Learn about these features in more detail in later version releases: optimizing cloud learning with analytics and mobile support, more details about self-service editing and machine translation.

Discover how you can accelerate digital adoption in your organization and request a demo from our sales team


Noa Dror

Oracle Guided Learning Marketing Manager

Noa joined the Oracle University marketing team when Oracle acquired Iridize. With a strong background in digital marketing, UX planning and customer strategies, Noa headed the content team in Iridize and now joins Oracle as a resident Guided Learning and content expert. 

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