How to prepare for the OCI Cloud Operations Professional 2023 certification

August 11, 2023 | 3 minute read
Ryan Lorica
Senior Technical Instructor, OCI
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Announcing the availability of a new OCI Cloud Operations Professional 2023 certification and exam where we have delivered significant advancements to meet the growing demand of OCI in the industry. In this post, we’ll walk you through what’s new this year in the learning path and how to best prepare for the certification exam.

What is OCI Cloud Operations Professional?

OCI Cloud Operations Professional is a certification program designed to equip IT professionals with the expertise needed to effectively manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) environments. This certification covers a wide range of topics, including setting up a tenancy for success, deploying architectures, and maintaining existing deployments.

Updated exam format

If you’ve taken an OCI Cloud Ops exam before, then this section will be most pertinent for you. The OCI Cloud Ops exam format has undergone a significant update, blending hands-on labs with multiple-choice questions. You’ll see this new format for quite a few of our newer exams, so look for the tag “Hands-on Performance Exam” when reviewing the certifications.

For the hands-on labs, you’ll see a split screen format. On one side, you’ll see a web browser to access the OCI Console, and on the other side you’ll see the testing instructions. Unlike previous years, the browser is not restricted. That means that—just like in the real world—you can easily (and should) access the documentation.

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After the hands-on labs, you’ll have a set of about 20 multiple choice questions. This hybrid approach ensures that candidates showcase both their theoretical knowledge and practical skills in managing OCI environments. The inclusion of hands-on labs allows you to demonstrate real-world proficiency, making the certification even more valuable for building your skills – and your resume.

Exam topics

The exam will test you in six key areas:

  1. Deployment and Resource Management: How do you deploy core services (Compute, Storage, and Networking) in OCI using the Console, OCI CLI, and OCI Provider for Terraform? How do you select which method to use based on the requirements of your project?
  2. Configuration Management: How do you automate software configuration within compute instances using Cloud-init and Ansible? What are the pros and cons of each method?
  3. Cost and Performance Optimization: What are the key cost considerations for core services in OCI, and how can you utilize OCI's cost management tools, such as budgets and compartment quotas, to optimize performance and resource allocation?
  4. Reliability and Business Continuity: How do you secure data stored in various storage types within OCI based on RTO and RPO requirements? What strategies and procedures can you implement to automate failover between compute instances and ensure high availability and business continuity in OCI?
  5. Identity and Security: What are the best practices for authentication and authorization in OCI? How do you write secure Identity and Access Management policies to protect resources and maintain a robust security posture?
  6. Observability: How can you effectively monitor workloads, set alarms, and deliver insights about your OCI environment?

We know that’s a lot…so how do you prepare?

Steps to prepare for the exam

  1. Brush up on the basics. While there are no strict prerequisites for the exam, it's essential to have a basic understanding of OCI's core services. Consider reviewing material from the OCI Architect Associate certification.
  2. Review the video course. As you go through the video, try to verify the content against the documentation. This will expose you to more detailed information and familiarize you with the documentation for the exam’s open-book format.
  3. Go through the labs. Consider checking out our new subscription lab environment to help here. If you prefer not to spend money, OCI Free Tier should be enough to study for this exam.
  4. Do your own project. Pick a random web application framework and deploy it on OCI Free Tier. Experiment with using different technologies like Terraform and Ansible.

Get Started

To get started, access the learning path OCI Cloud Operations Professional.

Our team is constantly integrating feedback and improving our content, so if something is broken or could be improved, let us know!

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful, and best of luck on your certification.

Ryan Lorica

Senior Technical Instructor, OCI

Ryan Lorica is a Senior Technical Instructor for OCI at Oracle University. He leads content creation and certification for OCI Cloud Operations Professional and frequently collaborates on other courses, including OCI DevOps Professional and OCI Architect Associate/Professional.