June 25, 2020

How Microlearning is Changing the Way We Learn

Damien Carey
Senior Vice President, Oracle University

The global pandemic has necessitated more and more of us to work from home, requiring us to become master multi-taskers. We’ve all been there; you’re on a video call and your kid comes into the room, your dog starts barking, or “fill in the blank” with a million other scenarios that pull at our attention. This has become the new normal, and with tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Square, amongst others, allowing much of their workforce to work remotely on a permanent basis, it’s unlikely to change anytime soon. 

Our circumstances have shifted how and when we work, so naturally we need to rethink how we approach career progression and learning and development. Gone are the days of sitting in a classroom for multiple hours at a time to sharpen your skills. Not only is this currently prohibited with social distancing guidelines, it is no longer an ideal way for people to learn. According to the Technical University of Denmark, the abundance of information we are inundated with has narrowed our collective attention spans, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Enter microlearning, a format that delivers learners with short learning modules of 5-10 minutes per session. At this length, you can block a few minutes on your calendar a day to learn new skills without having to sacrifice a significant amount of time that’s critical to perform your job. In essence, microlearning makes education accessible, and more importantly doable, no matter your schedule, location, or circumstance. It allows anyone to become a continuous learner – a few minutes a day will accumulate to transferable, real skills that can set you apart from your peers as you progress in your career.

At Oracle University, we have invested heavily in digital training and microlearning to ensure that anyone can not only learn but master any Oracle Cloud solution. In minutes you can learn about a new cloud feature, watch a demo, and understand how to implement the feature.

Over the years we have learned that students that leverage microlearning typically experience:

  • A sustainable way to reach their learning goals  
  • Stronger and quicker retention rates
  • Better utilization of time – ‘in between minutes’ can be used to learn

Our modern learning capabilities remove nearly all barriers to mastering an Oracle Cloud solution. I encourage all of you to take your career into your own hands and invest in your future. Start setting aside 10 minutes a day to learn – it could be the activity that differentiates you from the rest of the pack.


About the Author:

Damien Carey, Senior Vice President of Oracle University, leads the foremost global IT education and certification provider for Oracle solutions. Damien is passionate about life-long learning and empowering businesses and professionals to achieve more through education and enablement. Throughout the course of his 25-year tenure at Oracle, Damien has continuously reimagined how education is created and delivered to ensure its effectiveness and ability to keep pace with shifting world norms and rapidly changing technology. Damien remains vigilantly focused on providing innovative, modern, digital education that is designed to seamlessly integrate with a learner’s daily life so they can learn without constraint.


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