Fostering resilient and agile individuals and groups to impact organization’s outcomes

December 1, 2023 | 3 minute read
Rebecca Popielski
Principal Consultant Guided Learning, CSS OU Services Delivery
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Although digital transformation is a must for organizations to remain relevant, the process does not have to be negatively disruptive.  By connecting organizational outcomes to team and individual outcomes, organizations can build resilient behaviors throughout. 

Resiliency is the ability to respond quickly and intelligently to shifting conditions.  Organizations can foster resilient behavior for individuals and teams through transparent and timely communication of both planning and decision making. 

A Digital Adoption Platform like Oracle Guided Learning ensures change is forecasted as much as possible and there is a message of support, so no employee in the organization thinks that they are alone in handling change to meet intended outcomes across the organization.  

Individual Outcomes

Expectations around a particular decision or change will influence how individual outcomes contribute to organizational success.  Individual outcomes influence employee’s commitment to the organization and decrease turnover.

Examples of individual outcomes include:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Productivity and task performance
  • Work-related wellbeing
  • Stress management 

 When employees see the organization’s vision for change, they are

  • More willing to set aside valid concerns around meeting their own outcomes
  • Empowered to envision how they fit into the larger picture
  • Able to plan for how transformation will affect their daily lives

Through videos, messages, smart tips, and links to organizational resources, OGL strengthens an organization’s ability to communicate the vision for change and shore up an individual’s resilience directly at the time of need and while conducting daily tasks. 

Team Outcomes

The benefits of social learning and emotional support that comes from being part of a team also influences resilient behavior. 

Whether organizational decisions build larger teams or break up teams to meet differing task to technology fit, team outcomes will impact both an individual’s willingness to adapt to change and the organizational climate. 

Team outcomes include:

  • Contributing to team effectiveness
  • Empowerment in decision making
  • Coordination and cooperation

Like individual outcomes, OGL can strengthen team resiliency by

  • Helping teams share and refine their work stream-related knowledge
  • Helping teams navigate through new or occasional transactions
  • Sharing critical information and bolstering confidence in unfamiliar tasks


Organization Outcomes

There are many factors an organization considers in planning for an event like digital transformation.  While message guides demonstrate the organization’s commitment to deliver as many tools as possible to ensure individual and team success, smart tips and process guides help organizations broadcast their vision to improve existing processes for teams and individuals.

All organizations can increase capacity, agility, and resilience by connecting individual and team outcomes to organizational outcomes.

Organization outcomes might include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Implementing new workstyles and skill sets for both workers and managers
  • Quickly pivoting to changing business conditions

OGL can strengthen organizational resiliency by:

  • Quickly communicating change to all employees
  • Supporting employees in adapting and adopting change
  • Empowering employees to provide feedback and ideas for improvement

By keeping this connection in mind, Oracle provides a platform for an organizational and social dynamic that encourages adaptability through self-efficacy. 

Most importantly, OGL helps an organization to communicate to employees that they are not alone in addressing change or transformation while supporting individual and team agility and resilience with tools that meet them where they are in their work and when they need it most.   

Rebecca Popielski

Principal Consultant Guided Learning, CSS OU Services Delivery

Rebecca is a Project Manager for Oracle Guided Learning within Oracle University, working with customers to build a customized digital adoption approach that meets the organizational vision of digital transformation with Oracle cloud applications. 

Rebecca’s career has been focused on adult learning, training and education, and organizational cultures that foster workplace learning.  She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Learning Sciences from University of Oklahoma. 

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