Discover Useful New Features in PeopleTools Version 8.57

February 11, 2020 | 2 minute read
Diana Gray
Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager
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Content provided by Nita Brozowski, Principal Curriculum Product Manager, Oracle University

PeopleTools provides the underlying technology for PeopleSoft applications. All PeopleSoft applications – such as Human Capital Management and Customer Relationship Management – are built, deployed, and maintained using PeopleTools.

PeopleTools 8.57 proves Oracle’s ongoing commitment to modernize the user experience, expand capabilities to help minimize customizations, and simplify maintenance to reduce the total cost of ownership. 


PeopleTools 8.57 empowers you to:

  • Develop new applications or customize existing applications
  • Administer applications that you have deployed within your organization
  • Provide decision support and reporting functionality to decision-makers
  • Integrate PeopleSoft applications with other PeopleSoft applications or third-party applications
  • Upgrade and update your applications as part of system lifecycle management


Master PeopleTools Version 8.57

Oracle University offers courses that cover all levels of PeopleSoft application development using PeopleTools. Take these trainings to learn all about the tool sets available for creating new, or customizing existing, PeopleSoft applications:


PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface

Today, it’s necessary to run modern software applications on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. With PeopleTools and the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, you can deploy “fluid” applications to all the devices being used to conduct your business. The content of fluid applications adapts and resizes to the device used to access the PeopleSoft system.

You can learn more about using PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface to develop fluid applications by taking these courses from Oracle University:


PeopleSoft Lifecycle Management and Update Manager

Updates to PeopleSoft Update Manager, Change Assistant, PeopleSoft Test Framework, and Application Data Sets make lifecycle management easier. The new release lets you quickly view and select language bugs, see when maintenance was applied, and categorize bugs into sections based on the number of dependencies. Two courses will show you best practices for managing updates and lifecycle customizations:

To learn additional techniques to maximize the benefits of PeopleTools, take these courses:

PeopleSoft PeopleCode: PeopleCode is PeopleSoft's object-oriented programming language. Take this course to learn how to use new features such as the enhanced PeopleCode Editor, event mapping options, and spark charts.

BI Publisher for PeopleSoft PeopleToolsLearn how to create custom BI Publisher reports in PeopleSoft applications.

PeopleSoft Query Reporting ToolsSee how to design and run query reports in a PeopleTools environment.

PeopleSoft Application Engine: This four-day course covers the essential tools you need to work with PeopleTools Application Engine.

With PeopleTools training, you will learn to build on major enhancements in recent PeopleSoft releases, including PeopleTools 8.57.

Let Oracle University experts show you how to build, customize, and maintain PeopleSoft applications and integrate them with PeopleSoft databases. Plus, prove your proficiency at developing, implementing and customizing PeopleSoft applications by earning PeopleTools certifications.


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Diana Gray

Sr. Principal Curriculum Product Manager

Diana Gray is a Senior Principal Product Curriculum Manager with Oracle University. She has over 30 years of experience with management and marketing of educational services at Top Fortune 100 companies, and is currently responsible for product marketing Oracle University's product learning portfolio.

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