Customer Spotlight: Helping Accenture Achieve Successful Client Engagements

September 27, 2020 | 2 minute read
Gretchen Bulan
Senior Marketing Manager
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Accenture and Oracle have collaborated for more than 30 years to push the boundaries of innovation and service excellence in the IT consulting industry. In 2018, Accenture began an initiative with Oracle University to accelerate development of Oracle cloud skills for its consulting team, to create a competitive differentiation and lasting value for clients. To add accountability and measurement, Accenture set a goal to become #1 in Oracle-certified staff, supporting that goal with leadership commitment to make continuous learning a business imperative.

As part of its commitment, Accenture provides its consulting teams with access to 24/7 digital training and certification through the Oracle University Unlimited Cloud Learning Subscription. The organizations work together to provide cutting-edge training and ongoing education guidance, with clear learning paths for specific products and job roles. Many consultants expand their expertise to pursue multiple certifications, building additional skills using the robust, go-anywhere learning subscription resource. Students attribute their success to ease-of-use and access to features such as instant hands-on practice labs, skill checks, and multi-format course options.

Accenture has been successful in its quest to become #1 in Oracle-certified staff, and in developing a culture of continuous learning that benefits both consultants and their clients. What started as an effort to upskill cloud knowledge has resulted in a team of multi-credentialed, experienced cloud practitioners equipped to deliver the superior service expected from the Accenture brand.

“Accenture is known for delivering success to our clients, from complex transformation programs to rapid value led implementations. For this reason, it is essential that our consultants’ skills are sharp and current – Oracle University helps us maintain the standards of Oracle knowledge our customers expect.” 

— Santos Gilarranz, Managing Director, Accenture

Read the full customer success story to learn more about how Accenture’s focus on continuous learning has contributed to its development of consultants and delivery of project excellence.

Gretchen Bulan

Senior Marketing Manager

Gretchen joined Oracle with the Oracle Marketing Cloud Education team in July 2015. Now part of the Oracle University Cloud Marketing team, she is focused on helping organizations maximize their Oracle cloud technology investments through high-quality education and modern training experiences that build expertise. Meet Gretchen on Twitter @gmbulan13.

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