Customer Spotlight: Baylor University

October 13, 2020 | 2 minute read
Gretchen Bulan
Senior Marketing Manager
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Higher education institutions, like most organizations, are facing new, unexpected challenges in 2020 affecting many aspects of their operations and communications. Remote instruction and work, schedule adjustments, and new health and safety measures have all become critical messaging topics seemingly overnight.

The need for fast and scalable communications and cloud training is a priority at Baylor University, especially in today’s rapidly evolving work environment. With the implementation of Oracle Guided Learning for Oracle Cloud solutions, these goals have been successfully realized through partnership with Oracle University. 

To modernize its strategic and communication operations, Baylor implemented Oracle Cloud systems, which helps users adopt new processes, programs, and procedures in order to successfully complete necessary tasks and operate in the cloud. With many unique constituent groups – students, faculty, staff, temporary employees, and executives – Baylor found its former manual methods of communication to be ineffective in engaging and training individuals.

By implementing Oracle Guided Learning for Oracle Cloud, Baylor has revolutionized the delivery of system updates, enhancements, and a variety of time-sensitive changes that affect its constituent groups. Gone are the days of unread emails, missed messages and failed training. Baylor is now less reliant on email and has experienced improved rates of change adoption, response to messaging, and training compliance. Staff now saves time, effort, and funds as a result of more efficient communication, fewer support inquiries, and ready-access to training and documentation.

“Oracle Guided Learning has modernized how we engage with our diverse ecosystem of staff, faculty, and students. We went from relying on manual processes to dynamic in-system communication and training, greatly improving our ability to standardize and rollout critical messages and processes – it’s been a game-changer.”

-- Becky Ivy, Assistant Vice President of HR Strategic Operations and Ignite HCM Project Manager

Read Baylor University’s full customer success story to learn more about how Oracle Guided Learning helps Baylor University effectively train and communicate so it can focus more on supporting students and staff with the highest quality programming and education.

Gretchen Bulan

Senior Marketing Manager

Gretchen joined Oracle with the Oracle Marketing Cloud Education team in July 2015. Now part of the Oracle University Cloud Marketing team, she is focused on helping organizations maximize their Oracle cloud technology investments through high-quality education and modern training experiences that build expertise. Meet Gretchen on Twitter @gmbulan13.

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