Bridging the Digital Skills Gap with Oracle

March 9, 2023 | 4 minute read
Lois Houston
Director of Product Innovation & Go to Market Programs
Chris Supangat
Principal Product Management, Guided Learning, Customer Success Services
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The Digital Skills Gap continues to be a hot topic for organizational leaders across the globe. With our world rapidly changing exponentially due to technological gains, many organizations are unable to find the tech skills required to scale and innovate within their current workforce.

Fact is, recent studies show that 70% of leaders believe that skill shortages prevent teams from keeping up with the pace of change (1) and 80% of IT Professionals stated that the skills gap pose a high threat for their teams to meet current objectives (2). Gartner concludes that 58% of the workforce will need new skill sets to do their job successfully (3). And McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm concluded that current leaders – while aware of this skills gap challenge – had not dedicated sufficient resources to attend to this issue.

Related to some of these findings, Benjamin Laker recently proposed some key recommendations in Forbes for steps leaders can take to close the skills gap. These recommendations are a good basis for a skills-building strategy, so we would like to demonstrate Oracle’s strategy for bridging the IT skills gap, as it corresponds with Laker’s recommendations.


What is Oracle's approach to bridging the skills gap?

"Invest in training and skills development programs such as certification courses and online resources that provide employees with the knowledge they need to thrive."

Oracle customers can invest in the vast array of learning programs made available by Oracle University, and embed them into their central learning and development strategy.

For example, Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions provide customers with access to the entire catalogue of training content (across all applications, infrastructure and business processes) via Oracle MyLearn, a personalized and unified learning platform. Oracle continuously updates the content and Oracle MyLearn platform ensuring users get the latest innovations and content while providing administrators access to measure user uptake and progress. Courses are also built using easy-to-digest micro-learning principles, allowing for greater user uptake of knowledge. Customers can also help their users get certified through the platform.

For Universities and Colleges, Oracle Student Learning Subscriptions/Workforce Development Program provides these institutions with access to course content they can integrate into their curriculums.  

And for customers seeking a hybrid of online and in-person learning, Oracle offers Event Learning Subscriptions to provide customers with multiple fixed in-person learning days with a specialized Oracle instructor.

Screenshot of Oracle MyLearn


"Build learning and development pathways so individual employees can gain core skills in areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), data science and machine learning while building leadership and management skills."

Recent studies highlight users learn best when they follow a recommended path (4). In Oracle MyLearn, we have arranged and organized courses in Learning Paths which allows users to easily follow relevant subject areas across various course components. Oracle Customer Success Managers also provide personalized recommendations and assistance for companies and users on their desired learning path journey.

For example, we have dedicated learning paths such as Become an OCI Data Science Professional or Data Analysis and Machine Learning that provide foundational and advanced concepts broken down into micro-sized learning chunks.  

Oracle also partners with learning providers such as LinkedIn Learning and Coursera which integrates key Oracle cloud courses into their various curriculums. Also, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) training is available for free, providing customers with access to a plethora of content for all skill levels including the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and cloud computing.

"Develop mentorship programs to provide employees with guidance and support from experienced professionals and peers."

The Oracle University Learning Community provides access to an entire network of professionals to help further users’ learning goals and careers. Users can use this platform to connect with cloud experts, instructors and peers; learn through Live Events and Forums; and contribute their expertise within this culture of learning.

"Create an internal culture that encourages continuous learning, celebrates successes, and rewards those who have gone the extra mile in their skills development journey."

Upon earning training badges and/or certification, users can share these results with their networks. Learning; Development managers can also track individual learner progress and achievements to come up with their own internal recognition program. By being able to track and measure individual progress, Learning managers can utilize this data and our badges to advocate and reward participants helping to build a culture of continuous learning.

Continuous learning is imperative to our success. Activate your Oracle University Community profile to read more on how to achieve learning goals: 2023 Learning Goals: Making Time for Learning.


To continue to be successful, and to close the tech skills gap, organizations need to empower their current workforce with the right tech skills through advanced digital learning solutions. Oracle Learning can serve as a critical part in building those skills required to scale and innovate in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape.    


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Lois Houston

Director of Product Innovation & Go to Market Programs

Lois Houston is the Director, Product Innovation & Go to Market Programs at Oracle University. Throughout the course of her 20-plus year career at Oracle, Lois has continuously driven new and engaging training opportunities.  She is passionate about creating optimal learning experiences that enable learners to grow their skills, enrich their careers and provide even more value to their organizations.

Chris Supangat

Principal Product Management, Guided Learning, Customer Success Services

Chris is a former marketer, and current technology enthuaist and evangelist, exploring the impact of technology on people, processes and systems. He currently works in the Product Management space for Guided Learning, Oracle's Digital Adoption Platform, helping to accelerate cloud success, adoption, change and training.

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