Announcing the OCI 2024 Networking Beta Certification Exam

September 19, 2023 | 8 minute read
Rohit Rahi
Vice President, OCI Global Delivery, Oracle University
Kam Agahian
Director of Cloud Engineering, Oracle
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We are excited to announce a new OCI 2024 Networking beta certification exam. This beta certification is intended for networking professionals and cloud architects designing and implementing scalable networking solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

OCI’s unique Networking Platform

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as the fastest growing public cloud provider offers a robust set of networking and connectivity services that enable customers to build and scale their networks in the cloud. These services include Virtual Cloud Network, various gateways, cloud native and 3rd party firewalls, public and private DNS services, load balancers, hybrid networking services, network security solutions and more.

Not only do we provide a broad and deep set of networking services, but we also have differentiated capabilities including non-blocking networks, off-box network virtualization, Layer 2 network virtualization, and RDMA cluster networking. These unique features make OCI the ideal cloud platform for highest throughput, lowest latency, and the most demanding workloads.

Moreover, OCI offers the lowest networking prices among all the cloud providers, enabling customers to move significant volumes of data such as live video streaming, video conferencing, and gaming to the cloud at very low costs.

Networking Beta Certification Exam

The new OCI 2024 Networking Professional beta certification exam is intended for networking professionals and cloud architects responsible for planning, designing, implementing, operating, and troubleshooting networking and connectivity solutions on OCI. The target candidate for this certification is expected to have at least two years of hands-on experience with OCI or other cloud providers, and familiarity with general Networking concepts. The beta certification exam validates networking professionals’ ability to complete the following tasks:

  • Plan and design OCI networking and connectivity solutions
  • Design and optimize hybrid and multicloud networking architectures
  • Implement and operate secure OCI networking and connectivity solutions
  • Migrate various types of workloads to OCI
  • Troubleshoot OCI networking and connectivity issues

The beta certification exam domains and weights are outlined below:



Domain Weight (% of exam)

Design And Deploy OCI Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN)

Examine the characteristics of VCN/Subnets and related resources


Apply IPv4/IPv6 addressing

Evaluate the roles of VCN Gateways

Recognize the different types of Endpoints

Apply Endpoints to a Networking Architecture



Plan and design networking and app services

Examine the IP Management details and reserve IP addresses


Configure OCI Load Balancing offerings and related resources

Assess OCI DNS and Traffic Steering for performance



Design for hybrid networking architectures

Demonstrate a command of DRG and DRG attachments


Apply BGP in the OCI environment

Evaluate OCI VPN Services

Validate the various FastConnect products from OCI

Sustain Multicloud connectivity configurations



Design Transitive Routing

Interpret key aspects about transitive routing with DRG, LPG, and Network Appliance resources


Configure transitive routing from On-Premises or CSP to other OCI regions



Implement, and operate secure networking and connectivity solutions

Apply connectivity and related IAM concepts to inter-tenancy communications


Use the various approaches for Bastion service in multi-tier architectures

Differentiate the various Cloud Shell functionalities

Implement OCI Network Firewall

Evaluate WAF/Edge/Certificates services in a Networking multi-tier architecture

Interpret IaC/OKE services in a Networking multi-tier architecture



Migrate workloads to OCI

Apply optimal connectivity strategy for a Cloud migration from On-Premises


Apply optimal connectivity strategy for a Cloud migration from another Cloud Service Provider

Design optimal connectivity strategies across multicloud scenarios



Troubleshoot networking and connectivity

Select the appropriate OCI Networking tools for visualization and troubleshooting


Analyze OCI flow logs for diagnostics and troubleshooting  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is an OCI beta certification exam?

A beta certification exam is a newly developed OCI certification exam that is opened to a smaller audience before being generally available. It is an important part of the exam development process, where we create a final exam by analyzing the performance of the test takers on the questions presented in the beta exam.

  1. How do I register for the OCI 2024 Networking Professional beta exam?

You need a valid exam attempt to register for the OCI 2024 networking beta exam. Oracle Cloud World (OCW) 2023 attendees can use their OCW exam attempts to take the beta exam (OCW 2023 attendees get three free Oracle Cloud certification exam attempts). You can attend any of the following Oracle Certification exam information sessions in Venetian Level 1: Room 103 to get more details. 

  1. What is the cost of the beta exam?

The beta exam is available at no cost to the Oracle Cloud World 2023 attendees (OCW 2023 attendees get three free Oracle Cloud certification exam attempts). Please refer to the Oracle University certification page for more details.

  1. Are there any prerequisites to taking the beta exam?

No, there are no pre-requisites to taking the beta exam. Although, it is recommended to have 2 years of hands-on experience with OCI and knowledge of general networking concepts.

  1. Is there any training material available to prepare for the beta exam?

Currently, there is a beta course to help you prepare for this exam. Please note that the beta course does not cover all the topics you might encounter on the exam.

  1. When do I get the results of the beta exam?

You get result right away similar to any other OCI exam.

  1. What happens if I don’t pass the beta exam?

You can take the exam again when it is generally available.

  1. What happens if I pass the beta exam?

If you pass the exam, you automatically get credentials. Effective as of November 1, 2022, OCI certification credentials are valid for 2 years. For more details, see the recertification policy

Get Started

We at OCI are continuously building training, delivering training, integrating feedback, and monitoring user data. If something is broken or not resonating with our learners, we want to know. Please feel free to take this beta exam and leave specific feedback so we can improve the final exam and the course.

Thanks for reading and good luck with the beta certification exam!

Rohit Rahi

Vice President, OCI Global Delivery, Oracle University

Rohit Rahi, Vice President, Oracle University, leads Oracle Cloud Infrastructure global delivery, training, and certifications. He has been part of the core team that launched Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2016. Previously, he worked at AWS and Microsoft Azure in various roles.

Kam Agahian

Director of Cloud Engineering, Oracle

Kam Agahian is a Director of Cloud Engineering with Oracle and has over 24 years of experience managing or advising global high-performance teams. Kam’s main area of focus is network engineering in the cloud. Among many other certifications, he holds two CCIEs (now emeritus #25341) in service provider and routing and switching.

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