Announcing the New Oracle Guided Learning: Innovations Revolutionize SaaS Adoption

December 3, 2019 | 5 minute read
Lawrence Jelley
Vice President, Global Cloud Education Sales Consulting
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We are excited to announce the launch of the new version of Oracle Guided Learning. Oracle Guided Learning is revolutionizing SaaS adoption and changing the way we think about navigating in the cloud and learning in the flow of work.


Introducing the Next Generation of Oracle Guided Learning

Oracle Guided Learning continues to blaze trails in the market with this new release, by solving a pressing challenge presented by our Oracle Cloud customers – the need to increase employee compliance and process adherence at the precise point that it is required, within their daily workflow.

With Oracle Guided Learning, organizations can now deliver their own content to their employees that is supportive of their own policies, organizational structure, and flow of work, exactly when and where employees need enablement. As a result, employees are no longer left searching for policy documentation or submitting erroneous information.

The new version of Oracle Guided Learning focuses on bringing our customers a superb user experience that empowers employees. In addition to instantly available content, the Guided Learning Widget is now dynamic. Users have the power to collapse, expand and move the widget anywhere on their screen so it does not cover any critical application functions. Even further, learning teams now have greater control over the content and guides they manage. This allows them to push messages to their entire employee base when needs arise.  For example, “end of quarter expenses due on Friday the 30th.”  Additionally, users can easily edit guides for quick updates and language or regional nuances.


Guided Learning New Features Overview

Converged Learning

We’ve heard many times that our customers want all of their learning accessible from one place. In response to that request, Oracle Guided Learning now delivers a converged content experience.  Cloud users can now access any learning resource – whether it is theirs, Oracle’s, or public information online – it is now available by role and within the context of the individual employee’s workflow within Guided Learning. Types of content available may include:

  • Step-by-step guides for Oracle Cloud products
  • An organization’s learning resources – links, videos, policies, files
  • Learning subscriptions purchased from Oracle University
  • Oracle Launchpad learning content

Converged Learning Content


Dynamic Widget

The Guided Learning Widget received a huge upgrade. Employees can easily filter and search content right within the Widget. Also, the Widget can also be minimized to a small icon that can be moved around the screen so it does not cover up any key information.

OGL Dynamic Widget


Step Guide Generation

Step Guides give a visual overview of each step along the way to complete the desired task before getting started. Not only that, employees also have the opportunity to print, export to PDF and email, the guides.

Step Guides


Self-Service Content Editor

With the Oracle Guided Learning Content Editor, Learning and Product Teams can now access guides to change or edit the content. An easy, mini-formatting tool-bar also allows editors to add links and apply basic formatting (Bold, Italics, etc.) whenever required.


Content Editor


Self-Service Message Editor

Guided Learning’s Message Editor equips customers with a “just-in-time” communication mechanism, allowing Product and Learning Teams to instantly write and publish a message, targeting employees by role or page action. 

The Message Editor can be used for a variety of communication needs: technology changes, software updates, process changes, changes in compliance requirements, administrative announcements such as downtime, or other key business communications.

Our early users of this feature find it incredibly helpful to assist in pushing critical information to employees. They schedule when it will appear, when it comes down, and how many times their employees view the message.


Message Editor


Machine Translation

Displaying content in the native language of your workers is critical in some parts of the world and of course, helps drive productivity. Guided Learning now provides automated Machine Translation of content as a simple, fast and cost-effective solution that enables international workers to receive localized and translated guidance while performing their job duties.

Machine Translation


Oracle Guided Learning Accelerates SaaS Adoption

It is never too soon to start exploring Oracle Guided Learning: whether you are thinking about your cloud migration strategy, planning your implementation or you are already working in the cloud. Oracle Guided Learning has guides that help everyone, in every role, embrace the cloud. Help your developers lift up the cloud. Support your HR team’s need to enforce policies. Guide your sales teams to input data in the right places, the right way. Empower your employees to swiftly and easily move through change. Start revolutionizing your SaaS adoption today.


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Lawrence Jelley

Vice President, Global Cloud Education Sales Consulting

A Global Leader supporting the business transformation of Enterprises through the provision of innovative user adoption strategies and service solutions that drive positive business outcomes and return on investment.

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