Announcing the launch of the OCI 2024 Migration Architect Professional Certification

March 7, 2024 | 9 minute read
Rohit Rahi
Vice President, OCI Global Delivery, Oracle University
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We are thrilled to unveil the general availability of the OCI 2024 Migration Architect Professional Certification. This certification is specifically designed for cloud architects aiming to excel in the design and migration of workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The imperative for Migration Architects

Consider a scenario where your CIO mandates a seemingly straightforward objective: "Migrate applications to the cloud."

As a cloud architect, you are presented with a gamut of strategies: should you opt for a rehosting approach in the cloud (commonly referred to as lift-and-shift), refactor (to modernize the application architecture), or repurchase (substitute an on-premises application with a cloud-based SaaS solution)? Certain migration processes may appear direct—for instance, rehosting allows VMware workloads to transition from an on-premises vSphere environment to a VMware based public cloud solution with minimal alterations. Replatforming might involve substituting specific layers in the application stack with managed services. However, more intricate migrations, such as the advanced refactoring from monolithic applications to microservices can be complex, costly, and time intensive.

Your decision-making must be grounded in an in-depth understanding of your organization's requirements, evaluation criteria, and architectural principles. It's crucial to recognize that no single approach provides a panacea; each alternative necessitates a comprehensive grasp of application migration from various angles and criteria.

Organizations are increasingly migrating IT workloads to the cloud to leverage benefits such as enhanced agility, reduced costs, elastic scalability, advanced automation, and continuous innovation. Despite this trend, a significant portion of workloads remain within on-premises data centers. According to Gartner[1], a predominant barrier to infrastructure modernization initiatives is the scarcity of requisite skills, compelling many organizations to acknowledge the challenge of bridging these skill gaps externally. To navigate migration and modernization endeavors successfully, IT organizations must prioritize the cultivation of skills internally.

In light of this, we are excited to offer this industry-leading certification, uniquely focused on migration and infrastructure modernization within the OCI ecosystem.

Elevating the expertise of OCI Cloud Architects

The role of the cloud architect has undergone significant evolution in recent years. Mastery of core cloud technologies, while essential, is no longer sufficient. Today's cloud architects must also possess expertise in designing and managing hybrid and multicloud environments, in addition to migration and infrastructure modernization. The OCI certifications and skilling programs have been meticulously designed to mirror this expanded scope of expertise.

As shown below, our architect certifications and courses are categorized into two broad segments: Generalists and Specialists. OCI generalist cloud architects boast comprehensive knowledge across core OCI services, including compute, storage, networking, database, security, cloud-native, and automation technologies. Meanwhile, specialist cloud architects are distinguished by their proficiency in designing hybrid and multicloud architectures and in migrating workloads, data, and databases to OCI.