Announcing OCI AI Foundations Certification

September 15, 2023 | 5 minute read
Rohit Rahi
Vice President, OCI Global Delivery, Oracle University
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essential in today’s world as it makes our life easier and better. The volume of data that is being generated nowadays far exceeds our ability to absorb, interpret, and make complex decisions based on that data. This is where AI comes in and elevates the speed, precision, and effectiveness of human efforts.

AI is currently used in nearly every industry and domain, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, customer service, transportation, agriculture, and is touted to become even more prevalent and transformational in the future. It’s no wonder that AI skills are most sought after by employers even though it is a relatively new and growing technology.

We are excited about the boundless potential of AI, and endeavor to impart knowledge to anyone interested in getting a foothold in AI.  Therefore, we are happy to announce a new OCI AI Foundations certification and course that is available to you at no cost.  If you are getting started with AI, this is the perfect starter course and certification for you. 

OCI AI Foundations Course

AI can have a steep learning curve as it is not a single technology, but a collection of tools, frameworks and algorithms. Moreover, to learn AI, traditionally you needed to have programming experience (e.g. in Python) and a strong foundation in mathematics. But recent advances in Generative AI and no-code AI platforms have opened opportunities for individuals to learn AI without requiring extensive coding skills and a strong mathematical background.



In this course, we present you with a foundational understanding of AI. The course has six modules where we explain basic concepts around AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), and Oracle AI infrastructure and AI services.

The first four modules cover AI and machine learning fundamentals without requiring you to have any programming experience, mathematical background, or familiarity with any cloud provider. In each of these modules, we dive deeper as required. For example, in the machine learning module, we describe the common ML types: Supervised, Unsupervised, and Reinforcement Learning and dive deeper by exploring examples to help you understand how they work.

Similarly, in the Generative AI module, we delve into self-attention mechanism and transformer architecture – concepts that are critical to understanding Generative AI. The idea behind these four foundational modules is to equip you with the fundamentals of AI in a very intuitive, coherent, and integrated manner.  

Oracle has been focusing on bringing AI to the enterprise at every layer of our stack and this approach has involved extensive investment from infrastructure to Oracle AI Apps. In modules 5 and 6, we dive deeper into the Oracle AI portfolio including Oracle AI infrastructure and OCI AI and ML services.



In module 5, we provide an overview on OCI AI Infrastructure, including OCI Superclusters that are ideal for training generative AI. With support for up to tens of thousands of NVIDIA GPUs, OCI compute bare metal instances and VMs can power applications for computer vision, natural language processing, recommendation systems, and more.  

In module 6, we focus on Oracle AI services such as OCI Language, Vision, Document Understanding, Speech, and Anamoly Detection. These lessons include several demos to help you understand Oracle AI services better. We also have lessons on OCI Data Science – an end-to-end machine learning platform that makes it easier to build, train, deploy, and manage machine learning models.

Each module also has a skill check section to help you assess your knowledge and understanding of the lessons covered.

Earn an OCI AI Foundations Certification

This course has an associated certification exam that provides an opportunity for learners to demonstrate their knowledge of AI, machine learning concepts and related Oracle AI/ML services. The OCI AI Foundations certification exam validates learners’ ability to:

  • Understand and describe AI concepts and workloads
  • Explain the key concepts and terminologies of Machine Learning
  • Explain the key concepts and terminologies of Deep Learning
  • Identify common Machine Learning types
  • Understand the fundamentals of Generative AI
  • Understand Large Language Models concepts
  • Explain Prompt Engineering and Fine Tuning for LLMs
  • Describe Oracle AI Infrastructure
  • Describe Oracle AI services 

The certification exam consists of 30 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. The pass percentage is 60%.

The exam and the course are available to you at no cost. The Oracle University certification exam page has more details.

Oracle MyLearn Platform

Oracle MyLearn is a one-stop training and certification platform that includes all OCI training courses, skill checks, exam preps, practice exams, online certification tests, credentials, and more. It provides an integrated learning experience where learners can move seamlessly from training to certification.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of this learning platform: 

  • Jot down notes on topics that seem pertinent (transcript for the videos is available in 16 languages, so you can follow along in your language of choice)
  • Schedule breaks each hour and move around (don’t stay stationary in front of your computer)
  • Complete all the skill check sections of this course
  • Take the exam prep lesson with tips to prepare for the certification exam
  • Assess your exam readiness by taking the practice exam
  • Take the online exam from the MyLearn platform 

Get Started

Access course material: OCI AI Foundations Learning Path

Review exam topics: OCI AI Foundations Exam Topics

Take the exam: OCI AI Foundations Certification Exam

Our team is continuously building and delivering training content, integrating feedback, and monitoring learner data. If something is broken or not resonating with you, we want to know. Please feel free to rate this course and leave specific feedback as to what is helpful and what needs improvement.

Thanks for reading. Good luck with the course and the certification exam!


Rohit Rahi

Vice President, OCI Global Delivery, Oracle University

Rohit Rahi, Vice President, Oracle University, leads Oracle Cloud Infrastructure global delivery, training, and certifications. He has been part of the core team that launched Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2016. Previously, he worked at AWS and Microsoft Azure in various roles.